Solihull Birmingham Ghost
Real or Hoax?

Real or Hoax?
Solihull Birmingham Ghost (Sun Newspaper) - Strange figure caught on a mobile phone.

A schoolboy has captured eerie footage of what he claims is a ghost striding towards banisters at his home.

Terrified Reece Pitman, 12, heard whistling — and used his mobile to film the shadowy being.

It came days after his nine-year-old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaws at night.

Tonia, of Solihull, Birmingham, said she consulted a psychic who told her the ghost could be friendly.

Sales assistant Tonia said: Ive had a tough time recently as my husband left me.

I didn't believe in ghosts — but Im thinking of the specter as my guardian angel.

Julian Banks of the British Paranormal Society said the film was potentially the best image of a ghost in years.