Clark Hospital
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Clark Hospital (Ghost Hunters International)

The Clark Hospital Revel footage from Ghost Hunters International. The Clark Hospital in the Philippines used to be an Army Medical base used to treat soldiers injured during the Vietnam war.

Clark's unique size and history allowed it to develop its own supernatural lore. By the 1970s, the Filipino "white lady" legend had established itself at Clark.

Most variations of the story involved a young woman dressed in white who would hail a taxi late at night, and then would vanish from the vehicle en-route.

The team journeyed the distance to the Philippines to investigate the haunted Clark Hospital.

Once occupied during WWII by the Imperial Japanese army and then seized in 1945 by the Americans, numerous soldiers have died in the hospital and their souls have yet to leave the grounds.

To date, security guards of the building affirm that they've seen a full-bodied man with a skull for a face walking through the halls.

Others attest to hearing voices, footsteps and sounds similar to crying heard in and around the pediatric ward of the building.

To find whether or not these occurrences for fact or fluke, Barry and Robb began their EVP session in the basemen.

While asking questions during the session, both investigators heard footsteps and three knocks on the wall.

Following the footsteps they were lead down a dark corridor of the basement yet they were unable to see anyone.

Meanwhile Angela and Joe were conducting their own EVP session in another section of the hospital. 

Clark Hospital in the Philippines used to be an Army Medical base used to treat soldiers injured during the Vietnam war. It was evacuated after a nearby volcano erupted, covering it in a deep layer of volcanic ash.

Apparitions and mysterious voices are common occurrences at the Clark Hospital. Violent spirits witnessed by the inhabitants have rendered the area off limits to everyone.

Clark Hospital Reveal

During their research, Joe thought he heard a whisper, and then as
Angela tried to investigate it, he claimed to have seen a face in the dark room. Yet neither investigator could prove it.

In order to find more contextual evidence for the case, Dustin and Barry continued to examine the hospital by conducting an EVP session on the second floor.

Ironically, like Joe Chin, Barry also claimed to have seen a face near the corridor of the room they were in. Then, things got more personal as Barry felt a sudden tug near his ear. With their adrenaline rising and growing hungry for answers, both investigators moved their search to the basement.

Using the thermal imaging camera Dustin witnessed a white figure of an apparition stick it's head out and duck behind a pillar. Feeling as though they had collected a sufficient amount of evidence, the team headed back to Command Central to debunk their evidence.

After deliberating and reviewing their findings they deemed that the hospital is haunted. They used the evidence they gathered from their EVP sessions and images that they were able to pick up on the thermal imaging camera to support their statements.