Real Ghost Footage Caught on Camera?
Paranormal Activity Within my House

  Real Ghost Footage Caught on Camera?

Over a ten Year period I filmed Paranormal activity within my house, its started in 1991, I never believed in Ghosts before moving to this house and some of the things that happened were quite disturbing so i decided to film as much as i could, we set up the video camera on a camera stand in each room in the house for 1 hour each leaving the house each time.

We viewed the footage after and in the bathroom we did catch a very disturbing sight see for yourself, there are various other encounters with the paranormal that we have also put on this footage.

Now finally everyone can see what I saw. if you can imagine when i saw the footage of the dark shadow, we had filmed in each room around the house and me and my friends were going through all the footage from the filming on the tripod which was quire boring, anyway they all went home and we kind of sacked it for the day as we didn't find anything, so later that night I took it upon myself to look at another tape.

This was the one that has it on I remember I was in the house on my own and where the camera is facing is directly out of my bedroom door and the bathroom is opposite my room plus I had my bedroom door open so you can try imagine what was going through my mind holy shit man I had never been so scared in my life, we originally documented this so later in life we where going to do a documentary which involved going back to the house and walking around telling of our experiences and showing the footage as we walk through this would make the best ghost documentary ever.

Me and my friends did some digging on the history at the central Library. And found out that the street that my mum and dads house is built on was originally all part of the Cemetery, which was bad enough, we then found out at the top of the street where my mum and dads house is also had a wool sorters mill which a fire broke out in the late 1940's in which in them days the workers were all children mostly, 14 of them died in the fire, then they decided in 1965 to build houses and the exact site of the wool mill is directly where my mum and dads house was plus 3 other neighbors which makes this house haunted.

The only people that know this information was my friends that are present in the video and my parents this is the first time I have told some one else, it would make a good film do you think... But as I promised my parents I couldn't put them through the media circus all the crack pots turning up at the house.