Duran Sanatorium
Ghost Hunters International

Cartago, Costa Rica
Duran Sanatorium (Ghost Hunters International) - The GHI team travels to Cartago, Costa Rica to investigate Duran Sanatorium. The facility is managed by Mardy Ocamp Villalobos. Although the facility still has electricity, it is out of use. The walls are covered with graffiti and unusual paintings.

Duran Sanatorium has a dark history. It was once a hospital for people with tuberculosis, a prison, and a women & children's hospital. It is also a paranormal hotspot among the locals in Cartago. There have been many claims of full body apparitions, and the team is going to focus on really trying to capture visual evidence.

Ashley Godwin and Robb Demarest open the night's investigation by conducting an EVP session in the Women & Children's Hospital. There have been several reports of shadows jumping from room to room. Robb opens up his questions with a little spanish.

He sets an EMF reader on the floor which indicates the magnetic fields in the room.
While Ashley and Robb are asking questions the EMF reader reacts almost as if some force walked right by it.

Robb began to hear the sounds of
someone or something rocking back and forth on the floor. Although the evidence wasn't jumping out as being paranormal it was definitely an interesting way to open up the evening's investigation.

The abandoned home of Carlos Duran is also on the estate. On the rooftop there has been claimed sightings of an apparition on the rooftop. Brandy Green and Joe Chin are there to investigate.

The two conduct an EVP session and try to get evidence of the paranormal activity. Brandy hears a pop sound near the audio recorder. Almost as if someone tapped or flicked the recorder. Brandy and Joe wrap up the EVP session and hope that some type of evidence was captured on tape.

Paul Bradford and Barry Fitzgerald are inside investigating the church. They began to take photos of the church in hopes of capturing some visual phenomenon. Paul suddenly has an idea of what people might be seeing. The claim is that people have witnessed shadows moving in the windows of the church.

The church is now abandoned, but it is being used as a laundry facility. Inside there are lines of clothes hanging from wall to wall. Paul suspects that if a window was left open the clothes would then blow a bit in the wind thus causing some shadow play in the front windows of the church. They test Paul's theory, and come to the conclusion that this is probably what is going.

Joe and Brandy have moved on to investigate the administration building. There have been claims of a woman in blue walking around, and then suddenly vanishing. The two start an EVP session and it isn't long before Brandy begins to hear a woman's voice. The two begin to walk around and investigate and suddenly they hear a footstep.

They step into a room where they heard the footstep. The walls are covered in odd paintings. The paintings begin to give Joe the chills, and Brandy wraps up the investigation in the building.

The walls of the Duran Sanatorium are covered with graffiti and unusual paintings.

Duran Sanatorium has a dark history. It was once a hospital for people with tuberculosis, a prison, and a women & children's hospital.

There have been many claims of full body apparitions at the Duran Sanatorium.

Just before the investigation wraps up Barry and Paul travel throughout the facility taking pictures of the outside. They take a ton of photographs and hope that even the slightest imperfections will begin to show up.

Robb chimes in over the walkie and calls it a wrap. The team will have to conduct a thorough analysis of all the evidence to see if they captured anything.

The team finds some very compelling evidence during analysis. Robb and Barry arrive to reveal their findings to Mardy. They open up with the audible evidence.

While Brandy was asking a question she managed to capture the sound of a ghost saying "help" in a very low whisper. This is compelling, but the team really went out in hopes of capturing some visual phenomenon.

Barry pulls out several photos to show Mardy. The photos are the strongest piece of evidence that the team has received so far. The first set of photos peak into the second floor windows of the Women & Children's Hospital. There is a set of photos that were taken a couple moments apart from one another. In one photo there is a white piece of light that is present. Just moments later the next photo shows nothing at all. This begins to give Mardy the chills. 

Team GHI has more evidence though. There is claims of spirits walking on the grounds of the sanitorium. Barry pulls out another photo of an unknown entity walking through the photo. One final photo even shows a little girl sitting on the steps of a building. The photos are some that partially frighten Mardy.

Robb tells her that the entities don't seem to be troubled, and there isn't anything that she should be afraid of. Mardy smiles in complete shock of what she has just seen. The investigation proves to be one of GHI's best. It's definitely for the record books.