1875 Inn in Tilton, New Hampshire
An old Inn that has Experienced Two Major Fires

1875 Inn in Tilton, New Hampshire - The TAPS team investigates the 1875 Inn in Tilton, New Hampshire.

From the start, The Inn investigation looks fascinating. An old Inn that has experienced 2 major fires, one of which supposedly took the life of a child named Laura, who now haunts the reopened hotel.

The first stop on the requisite "hotspot" tour is the dining room where apparently 30 people saw a gargoyle-like creature suspended in the air! Among the claims include hair being stroked and numerous "Laura" encounters.

Jay and Grant want to address- a.k.a. debunk- the gargoyle claims first and foremost, so they start out in the bar & restaurant. They hear voices from all over the room, almost like a conversation, but no gargoyles.

In the apartments, Amy and Kris are EVP-ing when they hear a male voice VERY close up. They play back the recorder and they actually HEAR the voice saying "HELP"! K.J. and Britt, meanwhile, check out the Tilton Room, where guests have wakened to their hair being stroked.

The energy in the room is wild, and "Laura" turns flashlight on without provocation! Can she turn it off on command? Yup!

Grant and Jason hit the Sanborn room to chat with Laura. The guys ask questions, requesting one bang for "yes" and two bangs for "no" and they get clear responses from something.

Then they hear ladies' voices loud and clear and the bed jumps a few times. Whoa, that room had some crazy activity! The analysis later revealed a girl's voice saying "Daddy" to Jason.

The analysis also picked up both male and female voices in the apartments. After doing some research, the team discovered that there were not two fires at the Inn, but THREE!!! And at least 8 people died in the building—including 3 children.

Overall, there was solid evidence of activity in both personal experiences and recoded activity. But, alas, the gargoyle will forever remain a mystery to us viewers.

The 1875 Inn experienced two major fires, one of which supposedly took the life of a child named Laura. Within the dining room there was an apparent sighting of a gargoyle-like creature that 30 people witnessed.