Gran Hotel Viena
Ghost Hunters International

Miramar, Argentina
Gran Hotel Viena (Ghost Hunters International) - The Ghost Hunters International team makes its way to Argentina to visit the historic Gran Hotel Viena. The hotel is in disrepair now, but was once rumored to be a compound for Nazi war criminals who had fled Germany. Most significantly, there are conspiracy theories claiming that Adolph Hitler did not, as is popularly believed, commit suicide in a Berlin bunker, but rather fled to Argentina, and to the Gran Hotel Viena. Robb and the rest of the team are very excited to have the chance to seek the spirit of one of history's most notorious figures.

They arrive at the hotel and are briefed by Veronica Castellino, a docent with an intimate knowledge of the supposed paranormal phenomena witnessed within its confines.

She tells of floating lights, disembodied sounds, and even images of spirits captured in photography. She's very interested to learn if Hitler's ghost is, indeed, at the hotel, and Robb and Dustin promise her a thorough investigation.

With that, it's time for setup and lights out.
And the Hotel Gran Viena doesn't disappoint. Robb, in particular, experiences a lot of strange goings-on.

He, Brandy and Ashley hear responses they can't explain to his jiggling of a door handle. They also make use of a static meter and see lots of fluctuations, some of which seem to respond directly to requests from Robb.

Most harrowing is an experience Robb has when he wanders down a hallway on his own, calling out for Hitler to respond to him. First, the static meter spikes in a way Robb has never seen. In addition, the batteries on two of his cameras die very quickly, a phenomenon that Robb states can be caused by spirits attempting to manifest.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having experiences of their own. Dustin hears music and male voices in a stairwell, and while his most terrifying encounter is with an errant flock of pigeons, he's still unable to find an explanation for the noises and voices he hears.

Joe and Paul find a tunnel in the Worker's Wing, and Paul gets the chance to test out a new, remote-controlled all-terrain camera in the space, which is too small for an investigator to enter. Meanwhile, Brandy feels a hand on her leg while investigating a room with Robb.

The investigation concluded, the team retires to the analysis phase. Here, evidence begins cropping up left and right, including several EVP hits that can't be explained away.

The most shocking piece of evidence comes, however, from Barry, who sees the outline of a human form sitting on a bed in a photograph taken by Robb.

Robb and Dustin present this evidence to Veronica, but when she asks if they have any proof of Hitler's presence, they regretfully have to decline. Still, they're very confident in stating that the Gran Hotel Viena is a haunted location.

The former Gran Hotel Viena, Miramar, Córdoba Province, Argentina. The hotel was inaugurated in 1945, and closed in 1980 following a record flood three years earlier. It is rumored that this hotel may have once been a compound for Nazi war criminals who had fled Germany.