Linda Vista Hospital
Ghost Adventures

Los Angeles, California
Linda Vista Hospital (Ghost Adventures) - The Ghost Adventures crew braves the rough streets of East L.A. to investigate the Linda Vista Hospital, rumored to be haunted by spirits angered by the hospital's mistreatment and abuse. During its existence as an operating hospital in East Los Angeles, Linda Vista was deluged with dying gang members and innocent bystanders killed in the midst of a gangland war zone.

Linda Vista Community Hospital, originally called the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital and Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital, is a former hospital
that is located at 610-30 St. Louis Street in Los Angeles, California, United States, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood.

The hospital was constructed for railroad employees in 1904 and reconstructed in 1924. It has lately become the center of several paranormal investigations. In 1991, the hospital ceased operation as a hospital. Since that time, it has been used primarily as a filming location. In January 2006, the hospital was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.