5th Dimension Ghosts
Study about Ghosts and Dimensions

5th Dimension Ghosts
Study about Ghosts and Dimensions

Ghoulies and Ghosties and things that go bump in the night. A study about ghosts and dimensions. Do ghosts and the paranormal actually exist? Can spirits occupy a house which then turns it into a haunted house? Does life end in death? Or does the soul wander from body to body? Are there such things as demons, ghosts or the devil?

"If poltergeists and spirits and ghosts are genuine. If they really exist, they are going to revolutinize how we see the world. Hundreds of years of scientific thought will simply be wrong."

"So before we make that decision, before there is a revolution within science, we better have the right evidence."

Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night. They have haunted our imaginations since history has began. In legends and rituals, in monuments and stories, the dead are always there.

But is it really possible for anything to return from the grave? Even today, the question grips us with fascinated fear.

Are they real or can science find another answer for what think we see and hear? Enter the fifth dimension and discover the scientific truth behind ghosts.

Following circumstantial research and in cooperation with top-calibre scholars, this series sheds light upon, unmasks and takes the magic from centuries-old superstition and also reports on breathtaking, super sensory experiences.

It also shows if, and where, things that cannot be explained really do exist.

The journey in search of the Supernatural leads to all six continents, to such fascinating spots as the holy Tibetan city, Lhasa and to the great universities of the world; to the secret archives of the CIA and the KGB, the Vatican, and to the most modern centres of nuclear research in the world.

The result is a thrilling combination of contemporary history, scientific background reporting, and a touch of the pleasant shiver within the dark side of parapsychology.

Ghost Theories

Poltergeists - Activity that is believed to be created by a living young person (poltergeist agent) who cannot express their emotions properly. This type of high stress is released through energy resulting in objects moving within a home for no apparent reason. The poltergeist agent in many cases involves a young female.

Intelligent Haunting - Activity that usually deals with an individual or a group of people who are being contacted directly from a "ghost" within another dimension (Spiritual World).
Paranormal writers say that such a ghost or spirit may be able to communicate with the living, not just by talking, but by moving inanimate objects such as furniture or toys.

Residual Haunting - Activity that appears to be a ghost which repeats actions over and over again. This type of haunting does not communicate with the living. It is believed that this type of event occurs due to high emotions that occurred in the past. This type of event may have been recorded in physical objects such as quartz, limestone or fresh running water from a spring.

A Voyeuristic Approach To Ghost Hunting...

For years I have both been fascinated and intrigued with regards to the world of the paranormal. So I decided to do an investigative documentary which would explore the subject somewhat deeper, in the hope that I would experience something unexplainable for myself; and also see how Ghost Hunts are conducted.

Before I started my journey (and importantly another factor to why I did the documentary) I established that a vast majority of people that I had spoken to were now put off by shows such as Most Haunted; as not only does it feel fake but also they don't appear to prove anything. It seems to be just the same thing week in, week out.

So with that in mind I wanted my documentary to be both open minded, and also slightly critical as I only had access to basic equipment so it was impossible for me to fake anything.

Everything you see, and hear is genuine and has not been doctored in anyway. Please note that originally this documentary was going to be called Ghost Hunting With The Skeptics, however I was advised to change it for numerous reasons.
- Graham Crabb
There are many different types of phenomena that tend to get categorized together under the label of the word "ghost."

Poltergeists, for example, are the projected energy of a living person (which is referred to as a "poltergeist agent") that causes noises and movement of objects such as doors slamming, chairs and tables moving, objects levitating, and electrical appliances turning on and off.

Poltergeists often manifest when an adolescent in the home has lots of creative energy and very little outlet for it to be released. It is believed that the repression of ones expanding creative and sexual energy during adolescence that leads to such manifestations. In other words, there is all of this energy, and nowhere for it to go and be released.

There is a theory that we have all been what we call "ghosts" before we became alive (born into the physical world). This theory may help provide some evidence to why poltergeist agents are usually young children. Young children were within this "energy world" not too long ago compared to an adult.

Some "ghosts" are simply thought forms, and are perceived through a rip in the fabric of space and time. Intense emotional experiences such as violent deaths or other experiences can create such a rip, so that the intense experience is burned into the fabric of a place or an object.

It is also believed that this intense emotion can become trapped in physical objects such as limestone, quartz, and fresh running water. These types of physical objects record this energy and basically replay the events over and over again.

Ghost experiences that repeat themselves over and over again the same way every time are generally thought forms. There is no intelligent consciousness in these such ghosts.

They do not interact with the living or even seem aware of anything other than their own realities. It's a bit like a short film that plays over and over as the energy of the intense experience plays itself out. This type of phenomenon is called a non-intelligent haunting (aka Residual Haunting).

Sightings or visits from ghosts are very common at the time of a person's death. A woman may see her brother appear at the foot of her bed at night, and the next morning learn that he has passed into the spirit-world at exactly that time.

In some cases, it is possible that ghosts are sentient beings simply living in another time/space reality who reach out to contact others in another realm. For example, we might meditate and reach out to someone in spirit, and from their dimension, we may be perceived as a "ghost."

Ghosts are no more evil than the people living in the physical world. Much like we have different types of people within the physical world, so does the spiritual world.