Myrtle Plantation
Ghost Hunters

St. Francisville, Louisiana
Myrtle Plantation (Ghost Hunters) 

Debbie receives a phone call from the Myrtles Plantation, and the team heads to New Orleans to investigate its various claims of paranormal activity. The Myrtles Plantation was built in 1796 by General David Bradford and was called Laurel Grove at the time.

A mirror located in the house supposedly holds the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children. According to custom, mirrors are covered after a death, but legend says that after the poisoning of the Woodruffs, this particular mirror was overlooked.

The uncovered mirror reportedly trapped the spirits of Sara and her children, who are occasionally seen or leave handprints in the mirror. A man has recently caught on tape a "ghost" seen in the reflection of the mirror. He also proved it was not his tour guide or any other people on the tour (for it was a white-ish color and vaugue.

The 'Haunted Mirror' within the Myrtle Plantation is said to let the living see within the past of ghost images of little girls crying and other apparitions.

According to legends this mirror was not covered by a cloth after a death and therefore spirits have been trapped within it.

The plantation is also reportedly haunted by a young girl who died in 1868, despite being treated by a local voodoo practitioner. She supposedly appears in the room in which she died, and has been reported to practice voodoo on people sleeping in the room.

There is also a ghost who reportedly walks, staggers, or crawls up the stairs and stops on the 17th step. Some have said that this is William Winter, the victim of the only verified murder in the house. He was shot on his front porch, staggered or crawled up the stairs, but collapsed, dead, on the 17th step.

Alternate versions of his murder claim he managed to walk or crawl up the stairs, and collapsed in his wife's arms on the 17th step. However, this version of the story is contested. There have been other reports of odd sounds, but they generally do not have legends attached to them.

There is also a legend of a young girl with blond hair who was skipping down the stairs to the house singing a song. She looked in the mirror and was shot by an unknown someone. Her spirit stayed within the mirror, hoping to this day to see the face of her killer again to take revenge. There have been sightings in the mirror of a girl, about nine years of age, crawling or slowly walking up and down the stairs humming a tune.

There have even been sightings in the mirror of the same girl kneeling on the stairs and crying. These sightings have only been made in the mirror. Whenever someone turns around to look at the stairwell, all is normal. Someone even caught a picture with a cell phone of the girl, though very few people got to see it before it was mysteriously erased.

Onto the investigation - Jason and Grant meet Hester, a plantation employee. She relates to them the haunting tales that guests have reported, including: a wandering slave; seeing children's reflections in a mirror; a Confederate soldier by the pond; and the ghost of a murdered man who died on a staircase trying to reach his wife before he died. During the night, the team puts cameras in the most haunted areas of the plantation.

The house is reputedly built over an Indian burial ground, and the ghost of a young Indian woman has been reported.

During the Civil War, the house was ransacked by Union soldiers, and legend claims that three were killed in the house.

Supposedly, there is (or was) a blood stain in a doorway, roughly the size of a human body, that will not come clean.

Jason and Grant pick up a temperature change on the stairs with the thermal imaging camera, which shows something in front of them that they can't explain. On a slave path, the camera catches what appears to be a human torso passing in front of them.

A volunteer named Chris and TAPS member Brian Harnois detect Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) in the dining room/ballroom area and think that they see something move.

Suspecting a spirit, they ask for a sign of its presence — and right away hear a noise. When Chris is alone measuring electromagnetic fields, he feels something watching him and senses something darting from tree to tree.

As the team reviews footage they see a lamp slide on its own across a table in a slave cabin but are unsure of what caused it to move. When Jason and Grant return to the plantation, they investigate the lamp but can't explain why it moved across the table.

Jason and Grant meet with Hester. They explain that the children who guests saw in the mirror are probably the result of matrixing, and that smudging on the inside and outside of the glass can combine with tarnishing metal to form the image of a face or hand.

They conclude that despite the mundane explanation of the images in the mirror, there is enough paranormal activity to call the Myrtles Plantation "one of the most haunted places in America."