Ghost Ship - SS Watertown
Faces of Two Seamen that Died in a Tragic Accident Appear in the Water

Ghost Ship: SS Watertown
Faces of Two Seamen that Died in a Tragic Accident Appear in the Water

What fate awaits souls lost at sea? This amazing photograph provides an eerie glimpse of the possibility of something beyond our normal view of the world. In 1924 two seaman die in a tragic accident. Following their burial at sea their faces appear, the captain grabs his camera and takes these pictures.

The two ghosts in the picture are said to be two shipmates that were overcome by gas fumes whilst sailing toward the Panama Canal from New York City in December of 1924.

Crew reported seeing the faces of their hapless shipmates in the water after they were buried at sea, and the Captain was quick to catch the phenomena on camera.

The ghosts of the SS Watertown Ghosts are different, because they appeared to be made of salty water. They were the crew of the ship operator Watertown, and died from gas fumes while sailing towards the Panama Canal. 

It was claimed that the ghosts followed the trajectory of the ship in its offshore exploration. It is one of the most famous photos, and also one of the oldest.

The photo was taken in 1924 by the captain of SS Watertown. Despite the similarities, the ghosts of the photo are not Adolf Hitler and George Washington. They were part of the crew. 

Some reports claim that the crew were cleaning the deck of the ship when a strong feeling of sickness overcame them, (most likely due to gas fumes) and two crew members named James Courtney and Michael Meehan died from the fumes.

The same men that we see in the photo. Both
James Courtney and Michael Meehan were buried at sea which was the custom at that time.

A few days later, the crew began to see the faces of the crew members that were killed in the water of the sea, in the foam.  The faces were following the ship, because, though dead, they wanted to be part of the discovery as well.

The crew were too scared to take pictures of ghosts, but then the courageous captain of the ship took the trouble to record the moment. 

Afterwards, they celebrated. The crew drank wine and it was claimed that the ghosts were offered sea water instead of wine since the dead do not have senses like the living such as taste that they would not be able to tell the difference between wine and sea water.

One of the most famous pictures taken of alleged ghosts. The two ghosts in the photo are said to be two shipmates that died from gas fumes. The crew reported that their dead shipmates faces started to appear out of the water and the brave captain took a photo of the events as it occurred.

Unfortunately, it is believed that this photo is actually a hoax. The photo shows clear evidence of tampering. It is believed that these faces were actually pasted onto an existing photo and the arrows were placed to help hide the tampering. Fake paranormal photos were common within this time period.

The crew of the ship claimed that these faces that were seen in the water followed their ship for 10 days since the tragic accident.

Beyond the two-headed ghosts of the crew, other heads and faces can be seen in the photo. People have claimed to see an old woman's face, a child's face, an owl, and other strange faces in the picture.

This could be attributed to matrixing. The human mind needs to make sense of things that it cannot quite clearly understand so the mind tries to compare shapes that it is seeing with your eyes and place them into normal everyday objects. 

Ghost Ships - The term Ghost Ship in the Paranormal realm actually has two different meanings.

Generally it means a ship that has had reports of an apparition upon it or the ship as a whole is seen as an apparition but it can also mean a ship that has been abandoned by its crew mysteriously.

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