Port Arthur Penitentiary
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Port Arthur, Tasmania
Port Arthur Penitentiary (Ghost Hunters International)

Port Arthur is a small town and former convict settlement on the Tasman Peninsula, in Tasmania, Australia. Port Arthur is one of Australia's most significant heritage areas and the open air museum is officially Tasmania's top tourist attraction.

It is located approximately 60 km south east of the state capital, Hobart. In 1996 it was the scene of the worst mass murder event in post-colonial Australian history.

A centuries-old prison that was home to rapists, murders, and the criminally insane sounds like a setting right out of a horror movie, but it's a real place - Australia's Port Arthur Penitentiary, rumored to be one of the most haunted spots in the world.

As the team descends on the location, Brandy details Port Arthur's history, and a long list of reported paranormal phenomena that includes apparitions, moving objects, footsteps, and even people reporting being touched by spirits.

On arrival, the team is greeted by tour guide Caitlin Vertigan, who shows them around the grounds. She points out several hot spots, including one particularly harrowing section known as the "Separate Prison."

Here, psychological punishment was inflicted on prisoners, among them one John Gould, a child rapist, who has been reported to have been seen in apparition form.

She also relates stories of tourists who've directly interacted with people who were not actually there, and of one man who received scratches on his neck in a sudden and inexplicable fashion.

Needless to say, the team is excited to being their investigation. Robb orders the lights out, and everybody splits up. Robb, Brandy and Ashley start out in the Parsonage, where Brandy makes use of a new EVP recorder that picks up more low-range frequencies...which happens to be the part of the audio spectrum where most EVPs are detected.

They hear what they define as the clearest disembodied footsteps they've ever encountered, and the hope is that this new device will help them discern their origin.

Dustin and Paul encounter noises in the Commandant's House, and Paul, on a solo investigation in the Parsonage, encounters a strangely opening door, although he can't be sure it can't be chalked up to an error in locking it.


Barry and Joe have more luck on the grounds of the prison's church, where a 30-second exposure photograph reveals the shape of a figure seemingly in mid-stride.

Meanwhile, Ashley, Dustin and Brandy investigate the Separate Prison, and attempt to contact John Gould. When Ashley is left alone in a cell, she experience a pricking on her leg, and feels chilled by a dark presence. Could it be the criminal in question?

Robb wraps up the investigation, and the team retires to the analysis phase. Brandy picks up a very clear voice responding to Ashley's questioning in the Separate Prison, immediately prior to the physical sensations she experienced.

Robb and Dustin take this and other EVPs to Caitlin, including a response of "Get out" to Robb's questioning in another section of the penitentiary. In addition, they have visual evidence to share: Bed dressings in the Commandant's House that moved without any cause, and the aforementioned photo Barry took outside the church.

With what amounts to a significant collection of evidence and the personal experiences undergone by nearly every member of the team, Robb is very confident in declaring Port Arthur haunted. Caitlin is happy to hear the news, and impressed with the work the team did in collecting clear and interactive evidence. Truly, Port Arthur Penitentiary lived up to its reputation.