Gaither Plantation
Ghost Hunters


Covington, Georgia
Gaither Plantation (Ghost Hunters) - The team investigates the Gaither Plantation in Covington Georgia. (Judy Gaither Dial) Gaither was built in the mid 1850s as a cotton plantation and it's said that both the original owner and his nine-year-old daughter died on the plantation and confederate soldiers were also rumored to have died there as well. In the main dining room, the doors on the buffet have been known to open and close by themselves periodically.

The great great granddaughter of the Gaithers, Judy Gaither Dial, gives TAPS a private tour of the house before they began their hunt. Judy explained that the current caretaker has heard footsteps and seen shadows and Judy claims to have been touched while in the bedroom of her great great grandmother Cecilia.

Judy and
others have heard music and stomping coming from the attic, which she refused to enter. In the church on the property a pastor killed his wife and then committed suicide. To date many have recounted numerous paranormal experiences while there.

Before TAPS began the hunt, Grant became ill and went back to the hotel, so guest hunter Joe Avena assisted Jason with the investigation. Jason and Joe began their search in the attic and while there, they continually heard footsteps and shuffling.

Choosing to use a very basic method of tracking ghosts, Jason poured flour on the floor in hopes of tracking the footsteps of whatever might be walking through the attic. This technique worked accurately and each of the hunters saw footprints that had treaded through the flour towards the steps that led to the entrance of the attic.

Meanwhile Kris, Amy and Dianna conducted an EVP session in Cecilia's room asking her about the family's history and the plantation. Yet neither of the hunters received any substantial response. Then in the church Dave and Steve investigated the claim that a chair near the front pew vibrates.

When sitting in the chair, Dave didn't notice anything alarming, but the two did hear a hissing sound that appeared to be moving closer to them. Yet upon further debunking they realized that a bat was making the hissing noise.

While at central command TAPS noticed that one of their recorders in the dinning room picked up what sounded like three knocks that occurred during Dianna and Joes EVP session. And shockingly, one of their video cameras picked up footage of the cabinet doors actually swinging open by themselves. This evidence as well as the remarkable experiences that Joe and Jason had in the attic, led TAPS to conclude that there is paranormal activity at the Gaither Plantation.