American Legion Post
Ghost Hunters

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

American Legion Post (Ghost Hunters) - TAPS takes a call from the American Legion in Pennsylvania where people are terrified by paranormals. The building was established in the 1700s and was once rented out as apartments. The current owners have had the property since 1974 and are convinced that the place is haunted, so TAPS heads in to find out.

Jason and Grant begin the hunt on the third floor where the current owner says she's too afraid to go.

The investigators use a device called a Mel Meter, to measure the EMF fields, temperature and vibrations of the room.

But much to their surprises, all of the readings in the room are extremely low. They also receive another shock when they believe they hear another TAPS members coming up the steps, but find the stairwell empty when they go to look.

Then, Kris and Amy decide to spread out during their investigation in hopes of catching another glimpse of a figure they saw earlier in the evening. While Kris is on the second floor, Amy is on the third and sees something moving in the room in front of her, but is unable to confirm this.

Later, Jason and Grant head to the barroom where the bartender was so frightened by a paranormal that appeared so real, he pulled his gun out to shoot.

While Jason and Grant are in there, Jason sees a shadow move by a window in the Walton Room near the bar, but he and Grant figure this to be a fluke.

But this notion is disproved when Amy and Kris are investigating the same room and have the nearly the same experience. Coincidence? We think not.

Meanwhile Dustin and Britt, hunt in the side room where witnesses claim they've seen a woman with a black brimmed hat sitting near the fireplace.

And no, it isn't the wicked witch you're thinking of. While there, they conduct an EVP session and ask the paranormal to knock once and eerily enough, it does. But when they can't get the entity to knock again, they chalk up the experience to chance.

While the hunters had so many personal experiences at the Legion, they dig deep for concrete evidence during the final analysis back at Central Command.

They find that one of their audio recorders picked up a voice in the barroom that sounds like it said "important", while Jason and Grant where there.

They also captured video footage of the figure that moved past the window in the Walton Room. Each of these findings paired with the numerous occurrences that took place during the hunt, lead TAPS to conclude that there is paranormal activity happening within the American Legion.

The current owner actually thought he was getting robbed and pulled out a gun on a shadowy figure to shoot but the figure eventually faded away in front of him. He is convinced the place is haunted.