Inhuman Entity
Ghost Hunters

Ladouceur House, Blackstone Massachusetts
Inhuman Entity (Ghost Hunters) -
The team returns with all new cases. First up is the private residence of the Ladouceur family in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Once when Roxanne, the mother, was sitting on the couch, the couch was stuck with such a violent force that it literally moved while she was sitting on it.

Then, while in the basement, the couple's 17 year-old son Gabriel saw a five-foot tall black mass come towards him at full speed. He was so startled by the encounter that he yelled for his parents to come rescue him. But since the Ladoucer's can't just pack up their things and move, they've enlisted the help of TAPS.

Kris and Amy kick off the investigation with an EVP session in the basement. As soon as they begin their questioning, they hear a low growl. When they rewind the tape in their digital recorder they interrupted the growl as a voice saying, "Please help me."

Later on, when Jason and Grant conduct a follow-up session in the basement their K2 meter receives off the chart hits.

The duo asks the entity if it was trying to make contact with the family, if it wanted the family out of the house, if it was a demon. You know, the usual stuff. And much to Jason and Grant's surprise, the entity's responses gave them the notion that it was actually inhuman.

Eager to get to the bottom of the case, the Hunters followed additional clues to the upstairs crawl space in the master bedroom.

While there, the entity scratched Jason's leg, but that wasn't enough to scare them away. They deduced that the entity wasn't inhuman at all, but rather a human entity masquerading to scare them off.

But really, you've got to get up pretty early or lurk really late to fool TAPS, so although the team conclusively decided that the house is haunted, they are certain that there's no demon in that home.

Jason and Grant also recommend that the Ladouceur's stand their ground against the ghost and make it clear that they will not leave.

They've paid their mortgage, they've decorated their living room-the property is there's! And of course, if they ever need professional help again, TAPS is just a phone call away.