Casa Madrid
Speakeasy and an Underground Casino

Speakeasy and an Underground Casino
Casa Madrid (Paranormal Cops)

Paranormal Cops follows a group of larger-than-life cops who walk one beat during the day as real-life Chicago-area police officers and another at night when they apply their forensic and investigative expertise to paranormal casework.

The team responds to a store manager in need of answers. Roger, the night manager at Big Timer's Sound Shop, is so distraught over events taking place in the basement of his store that he's ready to quit his job.

With a newborn baby at home, Roger's wife convinces him he must stick it out, so Roger turns to the "Paranormal Cops" for help.

The team soon discovers the store used to be a notorious hangout and gambling hall frequented by nefarious figures and host to countless crimes.

This premiere episode brings the team to Big Timer's Sound Shop to investigate a possible haunting. The location used to be used by the mob during its heyday in Chicago as both a speakeasy and an underground Casino.