Ghost Cases
The Case of the Haunted Graveyard

Ghost Cases
The Case of the Haunted Graveyard

Thousands of graveyards still stand across the world today and are usually the place where the oldest graves of a community or part of a city can be found.

The eighth episode of the Redstar Films / Clerisy Entertainment documentary series "Ghost Cases", which ran on EastLink TV in Canada in 2009-2010, and has now been sold to True Vision in Thailand.

Hosted by Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens; written, produced and directed by Paul Kimball and Dale Stevens.

This episode was filmed in Shocklach, England, and features Dave Sadler and Steve Mera of the Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association (UPIA).

Ghost Cases chronicles the investigations of some of the most haunted locations known. In each episode, the team of paranormal investigators journey into the strange and unexplained world of ghosts. 

They search and uncover evidence by using scientific equipment such as infrared cameras, EMF detectors, voice recorders and other tools to assist in the hunt that will either confirm or change their belief in paranormal activity.

Apparitions have been reported around the church as well as sounds of horses and buggies. Quite a few people have reported that they felt like they were not alone or that something else was happening around the property that they could not explain.

It is believed that certain rocks such as quartz and limestone may be able to record the activity that occurs within the area and then at certain times when the conditions are right, that event is then replayed again in forms of sound and/or images and in some cases even smells.

This type of haunting is usually referred to as an residual haunting which is generally considered an unintelligent haunt.

This type of event is usually replayed over and over again but it may not repeat always at the same time. Some ghost hunters believe that fresh running water may be able to record events as well. The events which get recorded appear to be events that deal with high amounts of emotion. This emotion is believed to release a high amount of energy. It is believed that this high amount of energy is recorded in quartz, limestone, fresh running water, etc. and then replayed at certain times.

Of course this is all theory and it is quite difficult to prove.