Texas Ghost Tracks
Do Spirits Haunt the Railroad Tracks in Texas?

  Texas Ghost Tracks - The Texas Ghost Tracks is a legend about children ghosts that push cars off the tracks to keep them safe from oncoming trains.

In Texas, Ben, Chi-Lan and Larry from Syfy's Fact or Faked get to the bottom of a legend wherein the ghosts of children safeguard passing cars from being hit by a train.

According to the legend, these children, killed themselves by a freight train, push cars up a hill and over train tracks to safety, leaving their fingerprints on the trunk of the car.

One man, Capone de Leon, has a video that the team decides to test for veracity. Using his car, they clean the trunk of the car, put it in neutral, take the keys out - and begin rolling uphill! As they reach the crest of the hill, a train approaches.

Larry hits the brake in time, but they are forced to recommence the experiment. Once again, they begin moving, and clear the train tracks. When dusting for fingerprints, however, they find no marks on the trunk of his car.

They test the legend further by seeing if the same effect will be achieved with a school bus, and once again, the vehicle rolls, in neutral, uphill and over the tracks. After running tests to see if a magnetic field might be pulling the vehicles along and finding nothing anomalous, they conduct a geographical survey of the area, and make a surprising discovery.

The appearance of the tracks being uphill is an optical illusion - cars are, in fact, rolling downhill. With that scientific discovery, the team closes the case as an entirely natural phenomenon.

The Texas Ghost Track Legend

The Texas Ghost Tracks are considered to be local legend back in the 1930s or 1940s of a school bus full of children that was making its way down the road and toward the intersection when it stalled on the railroad tracks.

A speeding train smashed into the bus, killing 10 of the children and the bus driver.

Since that dreadful accident many years ago, any car stopped near the railroad tracks will be pushed by unseen hands across the tracks to safety.

It is the spirits of the children, they say, who
push the cars across the tracks to prevent a tragedy and fate like their own.

The San Antonia Ghost Tracks

The Ghost Tracks on the South Side of San Antonio, located at Shane and Villamain.

The Legend states that some kids died in a bus accident and are now said to push your car up and over the train tracks there if you shut it off, put it in neutral and take your foot off the brake.

They say that if you put baby powder on the back on your car the kids hand-prints will appear.

Local Legend or are the spirits of these school children remaining behind to help those in need who are stuck on the tracks in Texas?

Railroad Spirits

Apparitions of children killed in a school bus that crashed with a train in San Antonio Texas...

Apparently an accident like this has never happened in this location but it did happen in another location but the story began anyways.

The location of the tracks are considered to be an optical illusion. Basically what looks like uphill is not. It is actually downhill and this is why cars will roll off the tracks.

But, some people visiting the tracks have claimed to hear voices and laughter of children in the area when there are none. It is said that San Antonio is one of the most haunted locations in America.