Moon River Brewery
Ghost Adventures

Toby Haunts the Billiard Room
Moon River Brewery (Ghost Adventures) - Zak, Nick and Aaron visit Savannah, GA, to investigate the Moon River Brewing Company. The building survived General Tecumseh Sherman and has seen its share of feuds, fights and lynchings. Today a ghost named Toby haunts the billiard room and other spirits lurk.

The Moon River Brewing Company is a restaurant and bar located in Savannah, Georgia. Formerly a hotel built by a man named Elazer Early in 1821, the building was converted into a brewpub in 1999.

There have been several reported incidents of haunted phenomena from the Moon River Brewery. Many staff members reported pushing, possessions, and objects flying across rooms. Witnesses also alleged often seeing the apparition of a little boy named Toby in the basement.