Blockbuster Ghost Footage
Hoax or the Real Deal?

Blockbuster Ghost Footage

This is footage from a camera inside a Blockbuster Video located in Mexico, that is said to be haunted. Employees have apparently reported feeling breath on their necks and within their ears, hearing strange noises and objects being moved, as well as lights flickering.

Apparently this incident occurred right in front of a manager at the store. The footage shows an employee stocking shelves of DVD movies while all of a sudden his cart is moved forward and then DVD movies start to topple off the shelves from various places.
The employee appears to get so scared that he ends up running out of the area.

It would appear that the video is real video footage of a blockbuster video store but no other information has been given on this incident and the quality of the footage is considered poor. Therefore it should be taken with a grain of salt.

This video may confirm that the allegations of paranormal activity has occurred which employees of a Blockbuster movie-rental store in Mexico apparently have been claiming.
Could this be evidence of a real ghost or is it just a clever fake or possibly a hoax on the employee of the store?