Ghost Hunters Live 2008
The Coat Pull & the Disembodied Voice

Ghost Hunters (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) - Footage of Ghost Hunters Live in 2008. The famous coat pull on Grant Wilson's coat and a disembodied voice tells Jason and Grant: "You are not suppose to be here!".

Following the seven-hour long, live Halloween show on October 31st, 2008 at least two events took place that critics have attacked:

One is where Grant Wilson, a lead investigator, has his jacket collar pulled down by an unseen force three times; all the while one of his hands remained at his side, which led detractors to claim he was pulling a hidden string.

This was further evident at one point where Jason touches Grant's back and his collar moves down again.

Another is when a supposed disembodied voice tells the hunters, "You're not supposed to be here."

Critics have claimed the voice sounded like it was piped in from an external audio source. Video of the incidents has been meticulously scrutinized on various websites. In regards to the scrutiny, Grant and Jason defended themselves, stating that they are accused of faking evidence all the time, and maintained that everything in the show is real.

On November 11th, 2009, former Ghost Hunters cast member Donna LaCroix appeared as a guest on the internet paranormal radio show Ghost Divas where she addressed rumors of a staging crew saying only that she experienced suspicious activity going on during investigations.

Because of possible legal repercussions, she did not discuss the specific details of these events, but she did reveal that she had been directed to "act" in certain scenes. She also claimed to be upset over how she and fellow investigators Brian Harnois and Andy Andrews were being treated by producers, especially over contract terms.

Believers will generally continue to believe and the skeptics will continue to be skeptical. 

Video footage of the Ghost Hunters 2008 Live Halloween event at Fort Delaware. Critics have claimed that the disembodied voice sounds fake as well as the coat pull appeared by some to be hoaxed.