The collection of evidence using technology is the best way of trying to prove paranormal activity. Using devices such as digital cameras, IR cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc. can help try and prove the paranormal realm. In turn there are a lot of faked photography and video as well and we need to be cautious and almost skeptical before jumping to any conclusions. 

Ghost Footage
The following is considered by many to be evidence of the paranormal (above the normal) of captured spirits, entities, ghosts or unexplainable events:

Amityville The True Story

In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz and their three children moved into 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville.

This was a suburban neighborhood which was located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had shot and killed six members of his own family at the house.

After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal spirits and poltergeist activity while living there.

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Amityville The True Story
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Rolling Hills Asylum
Sallie House - Gateway to the Paranormal
St. James Hotel
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Whaley House

Electronic Voice Phenomenon - E.V.P - Voices of the Dead

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sections of static noise on the radio or electronic recording media that are interpreted by paranormal investigators as voices speaking words usually attributed to ghosts or spirits.

Recording EVP has become a technique of those who attempt to contact the souls of dead loved ones or during ghost hunting activities.

Best EVP from Ghost Hunters
EVPs at Lullaby Lane
EVP Message - Accidental Capture At Home
EVP - The Ghost Box - May 1st, 2010
Electronic Voice Phenomenon - E.V.P - Voices of the Dead
Ghostly Encounters - Ghost Box EVP
Villisca Axe Murder House - EVPs

The Poltergeist Curse

The "Poltergeist curse" is the rumor of a supposed curse attached to the Poltergeist motion picture series and its stars.

The rumor is superstition largely derived from the fact that four cast members died in the six years between the release of the first film and the release of the third, with one dying during production of the second film.

Two of them died at young ages, 12 and 22. It is not clear that these particular films are atypical in the number or nature of the deaths of their actors, and at least two of the supposed victims had serious health problems before becoming attached to the film series.

Ghost Footage (TV Shows)
California's Most Haunted
Casa Madrid - Paranormal Cops
Ghost Car
Ghost Writer (Houseguest)
Ghost Mother - Unsolved Mysteries
Haunted Funeral Home - Real Ghost Stories
Haunted Jackson "Bella Notte"
Haunted Lighthouses of America
Hauntings Across America

Nan Madol Ruins - The Haunted Ruins

The Paulding Light

The Paulding Light (also called the Lights of Paulding or the Dog Meadow Light) is a Ghost Light that appears outside of Paulding, Michigan in a valley containing power lines near Watersmeet off US Highway 45 on Robins Pond Road.

Reports of the light have appeared since the 1960's in Michigan's upper peninsula, with accompanying explanations such as geologic activity, swamp gas and refracted car lights from the nearby roads. The light is also the subject of popular folklore connected with hauntings and UFO sightings.

Seguin Island Lighthouse

Shocklach, England Haunted Graveyard
Texas Ghost Tracks
The Caretaker
Tombstone - Portrait of an Apparition - Ghost Lab
Victim's Revenge - Paranormal Cops

5th Dimension Ghosts

Ghoulies and Ghosties and things that go bump in the night. A study about ghosts and dimensions.

Do ghosts and the paranormal actually exist? Can spirits occupy a house which then turns it into a haunted house? Does life end in death? Or does the soul wander from body to body? Are there such things as demons, ghosts or the devil?

"If poltergeists and spirits and ghosts are genuine. If they really exist, they are going to revolutinize how we see the world. Hundreds of years of scientific thought will simply be wrong."

"So before we make that decision, before there is a revolution within science, we better have the right evidence."

Ghost Footage
5th Dimension Ghosts
Best Genuine Ghost Footage
Blockbuster Ghost Footage - Mexico
Ghost Footage - Ghost or person?
Ghost or Apparition of Virgin Mary Caught on Camera

Maco Light - Mysterious Light that Resembled the Glow from a Lantern
Real Ghost Footage Caught on Camera
Solihull Birmingham Ghost
Talking to a Ghost on Board the Star of India
Toddler Sees a Ghost & Talks About it
World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel aka Emily Rose

Anneliese Michel was born on September 21st, 1952, in Leiblfing, Bavaria, Germany. Michel was raised in an observant Catholic family.

Reportedly a devout girl, she tried to make reparations for the sins of wayward priests and drug addicts by sleeping on a bare floor during the dead of winter.

In 1968, when Anneliese was 16 and in high school, she began to have convulsions. Court findings had her experiencing her first epileptic attack in 1969. Soon, Anneliese started experiencing hallucinations while praying, and also began to hear voices telling her that she was "Damned".

By 1973, Anneliese was depressed and considering suicide. Her behavior became increasingly bizarre; she tore off her clothes, ate coal and spiders off the floor, and licked up her urine.

Exorcism - Fox News Beyond Belief
Exorcism: Is It Real? - National Geographic
The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel ("Emily Rose")

Brown Mountain Lights

For hundreds of years mysterious lights have appeared on Brown Mountain in North Carolina. Locals say the lights are the spirits of the dead from a battle fought on the mountain long ago.

Strange tales of this mountain have been told from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The legend states the first to speak of the mystery - Cherokee and Catawba Indian tribes 800 years ago. No one has solved the mystery. What are these lights?

There are no roads and no homes on the mountainside, no artificial lights, yet the lights keep appearing and disappearing. 

News Footage Regarding Ghosts
Asheville NC High School Ghost Caught on Camera - ABC News
Brown Mountain Lights - WCNC News
'Ghost Train' Hunter Killed by Train in North Carolina
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Poltergeist - A Paranormal Phenomenon

A Poltergeist is traditionally described as a troublesome spirit or ghost that moves objects in a person's house and puts them in different places, enjoys terrorizing humans and animals.

Typically poltergeists make loud, unexplainable sounds, bangs, and move objects around. Sporadically poltergeists have been associated with demonic possession, oppressing, terrifying families, or worse physical damage, depending on its power.

Ghosts & Scary Tales
Halloween - The History of Halloween
Life After Death
Lizzie Borden
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Three Men and a Baby Urban Legend
White Lady Ghosts

Ghost Adventures

Bagans, Groff, and Goodwin investigate reportedly haunted locations mostly in the United States, hoping to collect visual or auditory evidence of paranormal activity.

Each episode begins with the trio touring the investigation site with its owners or caretakers.

These introductions typically include Bagan's voice-overs of the "dark" histories of the places and interviews with people who claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena at the location.

The crew places X's with black or gray tape at the sites of alleged activity and later returns to set static night-vision cameras on these "hotspots." After completing the walkthrough, the three men plan their strategy and then are "locked down" into the location by themselves ("to prevent any kind of audio contamination") for an overnight ("from dusk until dawn") investigation.

During the "lockdown," they use a variety of equipment, including digital thermometers, EMF meters, handheld digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and infrared night-vision cameras in an effort to document evidence to support paranormal events.

On some investigations, the members follow provocative techniques, such as using "trigger objects" and aggressive language, in an attempt to increase their chances of capturing such phenomena.

At the end of some episodes, the investigators analyze their audio, photos, and video footage (often with the assistance of "paranormal experts") and present any unexplained phenomena that were captured.

Ghost Hunters (all series)

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, along with other team members who belong to the group they founded, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigate locations of interest by using various electronic equipment, which they believe is capable of detecting paranormal activity.

When investigating a location, TAPS team members first survey the property with its owners, who describe their experiences at the site. Next, the team sets up electronic equipment in the apparent paranormal "hotspots."

The TAPS team then spends several hours taking electromagnetic field and temperature readings, recording audio for EVPs, and filming with digital video cameras.

Many times, they will even try to verbally coax the "ghosts" into responding, while recording. Afterwards, the team spends several days analyzing all of the data for evidence of possible paranormal activity.

A few days after reviewing the information, Hawes and Wilson discuss their findings with the location site owners, offer suggestions for dealing with any apparent activity, and answer any questions the owners may have.

Ghost Ships - The term Ghost Ship in the Paranormal realm actually has two different meanings. Generally it means a ship that has had reports of an apparition upon it or the ship as a whole is seen as an apparition but it can also mean a ship that has been abandoned by its crew mysteriously. The following footage is famous Ghost Ships within our world:

The Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship
Mary Celeste - Ghost Ship
The Queen Mary - Ghosts & Legends
RMS Rhone - Ghost Ship
SS Watertown - Ghost Ship
Titanic - Ghosts Of The Abyss
Ghost Ships Of The Great Lakes

Full Body Apparition

Full Body Apparition is considered the holy grail in ghost hunting. Being able to see as apparition of the dead in its entire full body. Being able to record a full body apparition seems to be no easy task but it has been done at some times.

Some believe that these apparitions are almost like a recording and they are played over and over again while some are actually interacting with the ghost hunter.

There are some theories that crystals, natural running water (such as springs) and lime stone hold energy which may replay events of what happened in the area (Non-intelligent Haunting - Residual Energy) or possibly provide energy for a spirit to be able to show itself and interact (Intelligent Haunting).

Other theories state that for some reason a young female may produce apparitions and poltergeist activity as well.

Wem Town Hall Fire Ghost Girl - Some believe this photo is an apparition of a girl named Jane Churm, while others conclude that this is a hoax.

In November 1995 the Wem Town Hall was engulfed in a fire in Shropshire, England and it burnt to the ground. While the building was burning an image of a little girl can be seen standing in a doorway.

The story says that Jane Churm was careless with a candle and this is what started the fire. The person who took the photo said nothing unusual was seen with the naked eye but once the photo was developed you could clearly see a little girl standing in a doorway while the Town Hall was burning to the ground.

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses are homes that appear to be inhabited by an entity or spirit who may have been former owners of the house at one time. Generally this phenomenon seems to manifest when a great deal of emotions or turmoil occurred within the home such as a murder, suicide or an accidental death.

A haunted house is defined as a house that is believed to be a center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomena. A haunted house may allegedly contain ghosts, poltergeists, or even malevolent entities such as demons.

The 'Amityville Horror' was a very famous case which dealt with an apparent haunted house. Statistics have shown that more people believe in haunted houses than any other paranormal category, but this belief declines with age.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are believed to be voices of the dead (ghosts, spirits) that are caught on an electronic device such as a hand-held voice recorder or tape recorder which was not heard at the time of the recording from human ears.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP, is defined as: voices or sounds captured using digital audio recorders that can detect sounds below the threshold of human perception. In the paranormal world, under the correct conditions, these sounds are considered to be voices from beyond the grave.

A number of paranormal explanations have been suggested for the origin of EVP. Explanations include living humans imprinting thoughts directly on an electronic medium through psychokinesis and communication by discarnate entities such as spirits, nature energies, beings from other dimensions, or extraterrestrials.

A disembodied voice differs from an EVP because this type of voice is heard from the persons ears while an EVP can only be captured by an electronic recording device.

Paranormal Help

If you feel that your house may be haunted, here are some steps to find out if it really is: How to Tell if Your House is Haunted.

A Poltergeist is traditionally described as a troublesome spirit or ghost that moves objects in a person's house and puts them in different places, enjoys terrorizing humans and animals. Typically poltergeists make loud, unexplainable sounds, bangs, and move objects around.

The following organizations are here to help those who may feel they need assistance with any type of paranormal activity that may be occurring within their home or life:

The Rhine Research Center - The Rhine Research Center is an integrative center for the study of consciousness. We are a hub for ground-breaking research and educational activities on the nature of human consciousness – its reach, its reality, its durability, its healing capacity, and its spiritual dimension.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society -
Taps promises to bring professionalism, personality, and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We understand that it is tough to call someone like us, and we respect your right to privacy.

Nearly half of Americans say they believe in ghosts, or that the dead can return in certain places and situations.
Women believe more in ghosts than men.

- nationwide random sample poll


Evidence - Digital cameras and camcorders can be a great way of capturing the paranormal. Some cameras even have IR capabilities which may result in a more positive result. It is good to keep an open mind when viewing pictures and it is smart to be somewhat skeptical when reviewing evidence from other sources.

There are many ways of tricking people by using photoshop and other programs that are similar. Computers have advanced greatly over the years and CGI effects are becoming more powerful then ever before. It is good to remain skeptical while at the same time keeping an open mind and make the decision for yourself.

Matrixing - What is Matrixing?

Matrixing is basically the human mind trying to make sense out of something that has a complex shape to it. A perfect example is how people tend to see objects and shapes when they peer up at the sky on a cloudy day. The random shapes of the clouds then turn into faces, dragons, houses, etc.

The definition of Matrixing is: the
tendency for the human mind to interpret sensory input (that which is perceived visually, audibly or tactilely) as something familiar or more easily understood and accepted, and in effect mentally "filling in the blanks".

The human mind tends to attempt to make sense of the random shapes and will then try to resemble these shapes into objects that it can comprehend being day to day objects. The human brain is very complex and scientists still don't know much about it even in the 21st century.

Orbs - What are Orbs?

Orbs are considered to be balls of energy. For some, orbs are considered to be the energy of spirits. Since the theory of spirits are that they are energy than this may explain why orbs are seen. Orbs can also be mistaken for dust, water, snow, pollen and moisture and even insects flying around.

The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography -- sometimes with trails indicating motion -- especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras.

Some equipment can even provide what looks like to be an orb such as a cheap digital camera or a cameras diode misfiring creating what looks like to be an orb.

Orbs are usually circular balls of light which are white but sometimes they show up red, blue and other colors as well. Most orbs that we see on TV, pictures and other videos are most likely common everyday non-paranormal things.

Shadow People - What are They?

Shadow People - For some shadow people are considered to be spirits, entities or ghosts. Usually they are caught from the corner of your eyes but more and more people are seeing them straight on and for longer periods of time.

Are they a spirit from another dimension that we see as a grayish/black figure? Sometimes there are even reports of shadow people having red eyes as well. Shadow people are generally seen during the night but some have been reported during the day.

Various reports of different sizes such as short to even tall, some even wearing hats or having a mist or vapor like appearance. Reports have even been said that light will generally not penetrate this shadow entity and that it has a mass to it. Do they have a reasonable explanation? 

One theory states that shadow people could actually be caused by EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Fields). EMFs can cause things such as: hallucinations which may explain in some circumstances why people see a shadow figure.

Another theory is Hypnagogia, also known as "waking-sleep", (sometimes referred to as the "Old Hag" syndrome) a physiological condition in which a person is part-way between sleeping and waking, can also account for such perceptions.

During hypnagogia, a person can be conscious and aware of their environment, but also in a dream-like state where they can perceive images from their subconscious.

People experiencing waking-sleep commonly report the sensation of lights or shadows moving around them, as well as other visual hallucinations.

A feeling of dread is also a sensation that occurs when experiencing hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is sometimes known as 'the faces in the dark phenomenon' because those who experience this state commonly report seeing faces while experiencing waking-sleep.

Similar hypotheses have been put forward linking this condition to a number of other apparent paranormal experiences, including alien abductions, paranormal nocturnal visitations, and religious experiences such as contact with angels or demons.

Although science appears to identify some reasons as to why some individuals may experience shadow people, it is believed that science does not explain all cases and reports. There has been some photographic and video evidence which would suggest that a paranormal explanation does exist.

EMF - Electrical Magnetic Field

EMF is created from a difference in voltage when electric current flows. The greater the current the stronger the electronic field. EMF can be caused by human-made devices such as an electrical circuit breaker but it also can be a natural source as well such as the earths magnetic field or during a thunderstorm.

EMF is defined as: Electrical pressure caused by like charged ions being forced to be together. Electromotive force is represented by the upper case letter E in electrical mathematical equations like "Ohm's Law".

EMFs can cause:

  • Hallucinations
  • Rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Eye irritations
  • Buzzing-ringing in ears
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Genetic defects
  • Breathing difficulties

Cold Spots - What are they?

Cold Spots is a term commonly used by paranormal investigators to describe an area with a local coldness compared to the surrounding area which may be an indication of paranormal activity.

The theory states that since spirits are energy they require energy to manifest themselves and therefore since they need to draw out this energy in turn they produce a coldness in the air resulting from the drawing in of energy.

It is quite common for batteries to die during an investigation which may provide further evidence that a spirit is drawing energy from the battery to manifest itself.

Cold spots can occur naturally as well from drafts of open windows, doors and even down hallways, ventilation systems, air conditioners and other devices as well.