The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena
'The Most Incredible Displays of Psychic Power Ever Filmed'

The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena (1976)
Written and Directed by Robert Guenette
Narrator: Raymond Burr

The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena
'The Most Incredible Displays of Psychic Power Ever Filmed'

This documentary feature hosted by Raymond Burr is another in a series of movie mysteries about the strange and the unknown, and it's better than you'd least expect. What follows is a detailed examination of psychology through some uncommon events portrayed here. It'll be interesting for a few lazy school kids who can't turn in science reports on time.

As the title says, it's amazing how man explores a vast perception of psychic abilities under a series of demonstrations including telepathy, astral projections, and séances.

It's fun in an entertaining way, and you even have the opportunity to test yourself of any telepathic senses under the care of a doctor (Does this mean audience participation?).

The acting footage that recreates uncommon happenings is fairly amusing, yet peculiar enough to make any normal movie look like a sleazy prime-time TV show. Since this was made by the once-proud Sunn Classics, you can easily sit through this one, but always remember that movies are just plain and simple fantasies that trick reality.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised to find a few ghosts lurking around when I'm asleep!

A group of folks are shown going out to graveyards at night with audio equipment to try and capture sounds and messages from the dead. One recording in particular (crystal clear, too) is of a male voice whispering the words "I'm scared".

The other scene is a re-enactment of an allegedly true paranormal experience. Producer Robert Guenette never gives us much background detail or even attempts to theorize what may have been the cause of this strange occurrence. It's just sort of thrown into the movie.

Anyways, basically what happens is a woman is home alone with her young son. It's nighttime and they are chatting in the kitchen when they begin to hear what sounds like heavy breathing coming from the basement.

These eerie sounds grow increasingly louder and it's clear that whoever (or whatever) may be the source is coming up the stairs. The woman puts an arm around the little boy as the kid whimpers a plaintive "Mommy?" and together they stand there gazing at the basement door. 



These unearthly noises are literally echoing through the house, and whatever is making them now sounds as if it's reached the top of the stairs! As the woman, her child, and anyone watching this breathlessly waits for the door to open...suddenly the lights go out! The mother grabs the telephone and amid a swirl of tinny synthesized music she frantically dials- um, possibly the police, or maybe her husband?

They really don't say. Oddest of all, that's where the scene ends. There's no epilogue about bones found in the basement or exorcisms to cleanse the place. Also, since this was supposed to be based on an actual incident, wouldn't you think that they'd have said something to assure us that the kid and his mother survived? It's a very unsatisfying way to conclude a genuinely hair-raising vignette.

Another pertinent question you could rightly ask is why didn't this lady just pick her kid up and get out of that freakin' haunted house? But, to be fair, I guess everybody has their own way of reacting to the mysterious. For instance, there is someone out there who goes by the name of Evil Dead Girl that I'd bet money would probably have gone right up and opened that basement door.