Remote Viewing Investigation
Ed Dames - Stage 3 in Coordinate Remote Viewing

Ed Dames - Stage 3 in Coordinate Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing (Fox News)
- Here we see a rare glimpse of a real-world Remote Viewing investigation being followed by Fox News as Major Ed Dames once again utilizes his resources and personal time to hunt down another missing child.

Major Dames and his team have successfully located several children in the United States and Japan and conduct these operations as a public service.

Dames was one of the first five Army students trained by Ingo Swann through Stage 3 in coordinate remote viewing.

Because Dames' role was intended to be as session monitor and analyst as an aid to Fred Atwater rather than a remote viewer, Dames received no further formal remote viewing training.

After his assignment to the remote viewing unit at the end of January 1986 he was used to "run" remote viewers (as monitor) and provide training and practice sessions to viewer personnel. He soon established a reputation for pushing CRV to extremes, with target sessions on Atlantis, Mars, UFOs, and aliens. He has been a guest more than 30 times on the Coast to Coast AM radio show.