James Randi Exposes James Hydrick
Fake Telekinesis

James Randi Exposes James Hydrick
Fake Telekinesis

Today James Randi still offers a $1 million prize to anyone who can prove they engage in paranormal activity, the prize used to be $10,000. Over the years James Randi has seen hundreds and hundreds of entrants, and for some astonishing reason absolutely none of the people can perform their paranormal acts under controlled conditions that take cheating out of the equation.

Time and time again the frauds have to come up with excuses as to why their con won't work in a test. Here you see James Hydrick perform his "miracle" and 10 minutes later fail at the same miracle when cheating is taken out of the equation.

James Hydrick

Hydrick rose to international attention through his demonstration of these skills on the American television show, That's Incredible!.

The episode originally aired in December 1980 and was later repeated in 1981.

James Alan Hydrick (born February 28th, 1959) is a former American performer and self-described psychic. Hydrick claimed to be able to perform acts of telekinesis, such as his trademark trick involving the movement of a pencil resting at the edge of a table.

Magician and paranormal skeptic James Randi demonstrated the pencil trick on the television program That's My Line, hosted by Bob Barker. In a follow-up episode, Randi and Hydrick both appeared.

When Randi performed the simple control of placing small pieces of expanded polystyrene on the table around the phone book (to show if Hydrick was actually turning the pages by blowing on them), Hydrick's "powers" suddenly failed him.

Hydrick attempted to explain that when the foam was heated by the stage lights they developed a static electric charge which, when added to the weight of the page, required more force than he was able to generate to turn the page. Randi and the judges, though, declared that this hypothesis had no scientific basis.

After an hour and a half of Hydrick staring at the pages (the show was edited for time) without any results, and claiming that his powers were real, he finally admitted being unable to complete the challenge.

The judging panel (which included a parapsychologist) stated that, in their opinion, no supernatural phenomenon had taken place. The failed stunt resulted in the television show That's Incredible receiving a Pigasus Award, and effectively ended Hydrick's television career (following Hydrick's concession, Randi himself performed the same trick using the techniques that Hydrick perfected).

In 1981, Hydrick's psychic powers were definitively exposed as being fraudulent by investigative journalist Dan Korem. Hydrick confessed his fraud to Korem and admitted that he had developed his unique talent while he was in prison, and did not learn it from a Chinese master as he had originally claimed.

James Hydrick was convicted as a sex offender (forced oral copulation), and was incarcerated in a California prison. Currently, he is at a California State Mental Hospital undergoing "treatment" as a Sexually Violent Predator.