Seeing vs. Believing
In Search of Unexplained Phenomena, Miracles, and the Paranormal

In Search of Unexplained Phenomena, Miracles, and the Paranormal
Seeing vs. Believing - Sneak Peek (TLC) - Since his father's death, soap star Ricky Paull Goldin has been on a quest to understand the life of his father, a world famous hypnotist and psychic. Ricky, joined by his skeptical friend Jeff, travel the country in search of unexplained phenomena, miracles, and the paranormal. Airs Sunday, May 2nd at 8pm/7c only on TLC.

Seeing vs. Believing on TLC. Two friends attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Ricky Paull Goldin is a well-known soap star and is the son of a prominent figure in the spiritual world. Prior to his role on "All My Children" as Jake, he could be seen on "Guiding Light" as Gus Aitoro. Ricky is a life-long 'believer' in the metaphysical world, but knows that not every story out there is the real deal. That's where his skeptic friend Jeff comes in.

Jeff Gurtman, host of shows such as Travel Spies, Frugal but Fabulous and Cube Fabulous, has always been a skeptic- he needs proof before he'll buy any theory. His analytic thinking allows him to be a perfect, rational companion for Ricky on his quest to discover the truth behind unexplained phenomena.

Armed with a journal from Ricky's late father and a GPS, Ricky and Jeff travel in search of abnormalities, unexplained phenomena and the paranormal. Their journey across America leads them to a man who refers to himself as a Perceptionist, to Arkansas in search of the devil and finally, they land in Missouri to track down a boy who survived a tornado. Who will prevail in the quest to explain the unexplainable?