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Footage of the different types of crop circles and their possible meanings and origins. Are they from an alien species or are they man-made? You be the judge.

Crop Circles - Farmers Interviewed
Crop Circles - Short clip from 2009-2010
Crop Circle Spins 2010
Indonesia‎ Crop Circle Found by Farmer (Jan 2011)
New Swirled Order - Documentary about Crop Circles
Scientology and UFO Crop Circles - CNN
Wrinkle in Time Crop Circle

July 7, 2007: People visit a crop circle of which the origin is unknown in a cornfield in Switzerland.

Crop Circles tend to be found around ancient sites such as Stone Henge. Theories state that Crop Circles could be formed in relations to ley lines and that they may be giving off energy which might be detected from the art of dowsing.

Ley lines are sites of ceremonial and cultural interests which can be found along straight lines that stretch for hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Complex Jellyfish Crop Circle

A 600 foot long, 197 foot wide jellyfish crop circle appeared in a farmers barley field which is located in Berry Croft Farm, in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire. This crop circle is around three times larger then most crop circles found.

Some analysts state that this particular crop circle had a date and a warning embedded into it about a solar storm to hit Earth on July 7th, 2009.

This jelly fish crop circle had the symbols of an eclipse in it. The circles have the date and the jelly fish represents what the magnetosphere looks like when Earth is being hit by a solar storm. 

Complex Dragonfly Crop Circle

This complex 150 foot dragonfly Crop Circle was found in a barely field near Yatesbury, Wiltshire just days after the jellyfish Crop Circle was found in Oxfordshire.


Crop Circles are a formation of patterns or symbols that are usually large in size and found within crop fields. Similar patterns have been found on other surfaces as well such as snow and sand.

Crop Circles were first recognized in the media in the early 1980's especially in the UK where the activity seemed to be a hot spot for them.

Early examples of Crop Circles were quite basic with simple circular designs and patterns. Many farmers have mentioned that these circles have been in their fields for generations.

'Patterns became more Complex After the Year 2000'

After some years the examples started to change and shortly after the year 2000 they became much more complex patterns with a mathematical signature to them. Even elements of three-dimensional patterns of Crop Circles are now starting to show up.

There have been many people claiming to create Crop Circles and evidence has shown that some Crop Circles are easily proved to be by pranksters trying to create a stir in the public.

England appears to be an area on the map were many fake man-made crop circles have been showing up but there is still many who believe that there are some Crop Circles that seem to be non-man-made.

'Non-Man-Made Crop Circles'

If we then believe that it is possible that some of these Crop Circles we are seeing are actually non-man-made and are from an extraterrestrial species, then the questions that arise are from what alien species and why?

Some believe that it might be from the Greys and the circles represent a marker of some sort. Others believe that these circles may represent a warning from an extraterrestrial race. What that warning is would be debatable but it may be how humans treat the Earth.

Crop Circles like many other mysteries tend to bring more questions then answers but in time I believe that we will start to know the truth about many things we don't understand.

The Mowing Devil

The Mowing-Devil: or, Strange News out of Hartford-Shire is the title of an English woodcut pamphlet published in 1678. The pamphlet tells the story of a farmer who refused to pay a laborer the price he asked for to plow his field and swore that he would rather the devil mowed his field instead.

According to the pamphlet that night his field appeared to be glowing with flames. The next morning his field was found to be perfectly mowed, almost too perfectly.

Crop Circle Theories
  • Created by Aliens in UFO's using advanced technology
  • By cymatics also known as modal phenomena: The visualizations of vibrations or sounds
  • Some form of weather phenomena - ball lightning, tornado's, plasma vortices
  • A man-made satellite around Earth projecting beams
  • Hoaxes created by humans

  • Earth - The Gaia hypothesis, is a theory which basically states that Earth is a living entity. Some people believe crop circles may be attributed to this theory.

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