Associated with Alien Abductions

Greys are a type of extraterrestrial species that are one of the most commonly reported alien. They are named after their skin-tone which is generally grey-white to grey-green and sometimes grey-blue. Greys are generally associated with alien abductions where reports indicate that they visit Earth to abduct certain humans to perform some form of cloning using their advanced technology. There are claims that there are two distinct groups of greys and that the taller greys generally are the ones that have authority. The shorter greys may be some form of clone of themselves which they have created to help them as a slave species.

Conspiracy Theory - Some conspiracy theorists believe that the governments especially within the United States have known about the greys for some time and have been using them for experiments, especially for mind control experiments. Another theory suggests that Governments have agreed to terms with the greys and they allow them to conduct their abductions on humans (extracting semen and eggs) in exchange for their advanced technology.

History - The case that started it all was that of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. They claimed to have been abducted by an alien species in September 19th-20th, 1961. Their description of the aliens that abducted them match those of the greys though the name greys had not been used back at that period.

They described the aliens as human-like figures. Barney claimed to have seen 8 to 11 humanoid figures staring at him from within a craft and that one figure that was outside of the craft continued to stare at him and communicated a message "stay where you are and keep looking".

Roswell - The greys have been linked to the 'Roswell Incident' in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. There were a number of reports from various individuals claiming to have seen the US military handle a number of unusually shaped figures which were bald and short, child size corpses. These individuals claimed that these corpses had large heads and slanted eyes.

- The alien species known as the greys are most likely real and not imagination though some theories suggest they could be childhood memories of how we see our parents from a babies perspective this does not explain all the events that have occurred over time.

This alien species appears to be extremely advanced mentally and centuries or even possibly millions of years more advanced then our own technology. The greys appear to be cloning humans to possibly prevent the extinction of their own race. Too many reports and eye witnesses have claimed to witness these aliens as well as report being abducted that it can't all be dismissed. These aliens are most likely trying to survive to continue their race and prevent extinction.

Greys Description

Height: 3.5 - 6 feet

t: 40 - 90 lbs (estimated)

: None

: Large, oval-shaped, black, no pupils

: Generally grey-white to grey-green, sometimes grey-blue. Generally extremely smooth though some are rough textured - some reports indicate a rubber-like appearance

: No visible signs of reproduction organs, theories suggest cloning is their form of reproduction

: Telepathic, ESP

Fingers: 3 to 5 fingers have been reported, long slender

Feet: Small and narrow, four toes are joined together with a membrane

Attitude: Lack emotions, extremely intelligent, very focused goal - survival by cloning

Abilities: It is believed that this species can camouflage itself making it appear to be a shadow or in some cases resembling a human being

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