Area 51 - The Alien Interview
Hosted by Steven Williams

Hosted by Steven Williams
Area 51 - The Alien Interview - The Alien Interview hosted by Steven Williams. Were the events that occurred at Area 51 real?  A documentary about aliens and UFOs with re-enactments of alien interviews and video of a supposedly real video of an alien being interviewed by government officials.

This documentary circulates around a mysterious video tape, somehow retrieved from Area 51. The owner of this tape didn't want to compromise his identity, and so he was only known and referred to as: Victor.

Victor reluctantly allows himself to be interviewed and is very careful about answering questions that could endanger employees at the fabled Area 51, and his own. And then it comes to the tape itself and the location of Area 51.

The tape shows a typical alien: Rounded head, big bulging black eyes etc. We are also informed about the existence of Area 51 and the "paranoid fantasies" or actual real events that are told to us. The interview tape itself is shown to you in its entirety.

Victor and Area 51

Victor claims to be a former Government Employee of Area 51.

You either accept this person 'Victor' as genuine or not.

If you think he's a fraudster then you won't give a shred of credence to the alien interview footage he presents.

If however you're open minded enough to entertain the possibility that 'Victor' is for real, then he has covertly acquired something incredible from the Nevada Groom Lake facility known as Area 51.

The Alien Interview

'Victor' claims the medics are selected for their ability to keep secrets rather than their expertise.

"Victor" the shadowy supplier of this tape, does not want to expose the existence of Area 51; but only that of Aliens. It is also noted, that there is no speaking or real sound in this duplicated tape; but only a soundtrack. Victor does not think it fair to compromise the identities of those involved.

Area 51: The Alien Interview fuels the debate as to whether aliens are authentic and seek contact with humankind. Area 51 is a top-secret underground military base in the middle of Nevada whose existence government officials long denied.

Some believe Area 51 is the center of the U.S. government's clandestine UFO research. Edwards Air Force Base, famous as a test center for classified aircraft and other exotic weapons, controls the strange site.

Area 51: The Alien Interview features footage allegedly smuggled out of Area 51 by a mysterious character known only as Victor. Taken through a one-way mirror, the footage depicts an alien creature being questioned by a United States general and his telepathic aide.

Viewers will decide for themselves whether this striking film is a true documentation of government efforts to communicate with aliens.
Sean David Morton was instrumental in bringing this film to the public along with many other projects. He is located at Delphi Associates.

"Victor" Interviewed by Art Bell on Coast-to-Coast (May '97)

The Area 51 whistle-blower known only as "Victor" did this radio interview on May 23rd, 1997. Victor is a very paranoid individual.

Unfortunately, because he fears for his personal safety he has only offered interviews anonymously. This is the second of Victor's three interviews.

The first being the earlier 1997 documentary "Area 51: The Alien Interview" by Rocket Pictures that he speaks of in this interview.

The third interview was held in 2008, and released as bonus footage for the re-release of "Alien Interview". Victor's concerns for his personal safety are not unwarranted.

Others connected with S-4 who came forward have been threatened, shot at, and even murdered. Research the stories of Bob Lazar, Dan Burisch, and Phil Schnieder.

While there are some discrepancies in their testimonies, there are also many correlations.

I would recommend that everyone seriously interested in ET phenomena investigate their claims and evaluate for themselves.

Note: Some have claimed that Victor is Robert Dean. This is wrong. Listen to Robert Dean's interviews. There are no similarities in their speech patterns or personalities.