Power Hungry Attitude and a Love for War

are a type of extraterrestrial which is very popular with ufologists and conspiracy theorists. This alien is a reptile humanoid and was first considered real when a police officer reported being taken aboard a UFO back in 1967 from beings which resembled a reptile humanoid.

This alien is generally tall and quite slim but since it is believed to have shape-shifting abilities it can disguise itself into many humanoid forms to resemble humans. They are believed to be a evil species which uses sex, power and greed towards the human race. They are believed to drink blood as a form of nutrients and they have an advanced brain which they can use for mind control. This mind control is usually directed towards humans to gain power.

Conspiracy Theory - Many believe that they are a race of humanoid reptiles which have taken the identity of many key figures here on Earth. Reptilians, which are also called Reptiloids or Reptoids are considered to be very dangerous with a power hungry attitude and a love for war.

These aliens are reported to be able to shape shift into camouflaging themselves into today's society. Conspiracy theorists state that this species lives and sometimes hides in underground bases in Earth and are the forces behind a worldwide conspiracy directed towards the human race to destroy it.

There have been many claims and lists provided which name very popular key figures in today's society that may be reptilians. A British writer named David Icke believes this species is here on Earth and is using their advanced brains and technology to control humans. He believes that reptilians maintain their control through the generation of fear and negative emotions which is a form of food to this species. Ickes theories now have supporters in 47 countries throughout the world.

Conclusion - It is possible that there are alien races on Earth such as the reptilians that are trying to control humans and influence us in ways that can cause harm. There is not a lot of evidence to put forwards to prove this is happening but it is possible. Many skeptics believe that this form of thinking is because of science fiction novels, movies and TV shows such as the TV series 'V' which debuted in 1983 and then restarted again in 2009.

This series is about an alien reptile race which invades Earth and they disguise themselves as humans while trying to take control of the human species and of all Earth. There are even reports of underground caverns beneath Los Angeles that are so vast they are a labyrinth of mazes and some people believe this was created by the reptilians to provide an underground city to escape surface catastrophes that happened over 5000 years ago.

It comes down to what you believe is real or not and if there is a shred of evidence or proof then it might be wise to keep an open mind about the possibility that there are greater beings out there then us. 
 Reptilian Description

Height: 5 to 9 feet

Weight: 130 to 250 lbs (estimated)


Large, concave convex, slit pupil

Green to brown to yellow, scales, rough, heals slowly

Male and female

Voice, mind control

3 to 5, claw-like, sometimes long and slender

3 to 5 toes, long slender, webbed

Hostile, pro-war, greed, power hungry, uses shape-shifting for control and possible invisibility through a form of camouflage