The Jesse Long Alien Implant
Unified Program of Physiological Exploitation by One Species to Another

Warning: The following footage may be disturbing to some viewers

The Jesse Alien Implant
Unified Program of Physiological Exploitation by One Species to Another

This footage is Jesse Long's account of his multiple UFO abductions since he was 5 years old. Jesse claims that an alien species implanted some sort of object within his left leg. While he is hypnotized he relives the traumatic experiences he had while aboard a UFO. Actual footage is shown of Jesse being hypnotized and reliving the experiences he had. Footage of the medical procedure to remove the object within Jesse Long's leg is also shown.

Jesse Long's story starts when he was just five years old. He claims that back in 1957 he was first abducted by alien beings and these aliens conducted multiple tests on him.

Some of the tests that were conducted were very painful and traumatic for Jesse and these abductions became more and more horrific over time as Jesse grew older.

Jesse states that these alien beings would abduct him, paralyzing him through some kind of long rod that the aliens carried with them.

He also stated that they abducted his brother as well. Jesse says that most of his abductions would occur in a similar manner. The aliens would take Jesse down a long hallway and he would be placed on a flat table.

He claims that some of the experiments that were done on him were some form of sperm extraction. The sperm extraction was one of the most traumatic experiments and caused the most problems, Jesse states. He believes he was forced to crossbreed with a female being of some sort.

Jesse claims that a foreign object was placed within his body by the aliens and this object remained in him for 34 years and it caused great pain for him. Once the object was removed it was accidentally broken into two pieces while it was being initially tested. Some people claim the object is just a simple piece of glass but testing on the object concluded a greater mystery.

At the Southwest Research Institute in Texas the object was closely analyzed and according to the labs report, the object revealed a very remarkable composition and exhibited unique surface characteristics that cannot be explained.

The questions end up outnumbering the answers.

When the object was removed, Jesse Long believed that this object had everything to do with all his abductions.

In 1990, Jesse Long was driving from California to New Orleans and then right outside of Albuquerque New Mexico on I-40 his car was lifted off the interstate from some force and brought into a craft with him still in the car. He was placed on a table and he was presented with a baby and was told 'this is your child'.

There were nine other children standing along the wall and they all looked at Jesse and he knew right away that they were all his children. Each child walked up to Jesse and touched him on his hand and as they walked by him they looked Jesse straight into his eyes. They walked out of the room and Jesse felt that the message these children were giving him was 'we are okay, thank you'.

Jesse's big question that he would ask these aliens is why him and for what reason did they choose him. Thousands of these types of abductions are being reported every year throughout the world. Some people believe that a unified program is being conducted of physiologically exploitation by one species to another. A form of breeding with alien species on the human race.