Dr. Jonathan Reed Alleged Alien Encounter
Real Alien Species or an Elaborate Hoax?

Warning: The following footage may be extremely disturbing to some viewers

According to the witness, Dr. Jonathan Reed, followed whimpering sounds of his dog to find a strange being ripping the dog's head open by pulling its jaws apart, thus turning it to ash while a dark obelisk floated behind them, some hundred yards away.

He struck the extraterrestrial on the head and decided that the only thing to do was to take the creature back to his home. A few weeks later, however, he came home to find the creature was gone.

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter) which took place in October of 1996. As Rutter (Dr Reed) explained, his alien encounter originated in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle near Snoqualmie Pass.

While still in the mountains, Rutter came across the creature by accident while he and his dog were hiking in the forest. For unknown reasons his dog apparently attacked the creature.

The creature, in reaction to the dog attacking it, began to defend itself. Rutter, seeing his dog was losing the battle with the creature, hit the creature in the head with a large tree branch that he had picked up moments earlier when he first heard his dog growling ferociously at "something". 

Thinking he had killed it - he eventually ended up bringing the creature home.

He later conducted and filmed an examination of it in his living room.

This is the full footage of that video.

Some have asked what happened to the creature. Rutter says that he believed it escaped of its own accord. The freezer he had been keeping it in wasn't locked, so it could have easily left any time that it wanted to. So apparently that is what it did.

Dr. Jonathan Reed claims he had an encounter with an alien being. He claims the creature killed his dog Suzy, Reeds claimed he hit the creature over the head, knocking it down to the ground.

This is the story of Dr. Jonathan Reed's alleged alien encounter.
The events which Dr. Jonathan Reed claims are true occurred in October 1996 while he was taking a walk in the woods with his golden retriever Suzy. He was walking towards one of the Cascade Mountains and he claims that his dog Suzy was sniffing around in bushes until something caught his dogs attention.

His dog Suzy suddenly bolted ahead of him and he could hear extremely loud barking from Suzy.
Reed was positive at this point that his dog Suzy encountered a bear and was in a fight with the animal.

Reed witnessed a bear early that day. Reed grabbed a large branch just in case to try and fight off or scare the animal but when he approached the area where his dog was he was astonished at what he was looking at.

He claims it was some kind of unknown creature and this creature had grabbed his dog Suzy and started tearing her to shreds. Reeds claims this creature was moving extremely fast and it appeared to be vibrating as well. Reed yelled at the creature to get it's attention and the creature stared at Reeds in a fierce look.

Photo of an alleged alien being that Dr. Reeds encountered.

  Reed claims to have hit the creature on the head, knocking it down to the ground. The creature was around 4-5 feet tall and it was wearing a one-piece, seamless, black garment which Reed states the garment would repair itself when cut or torn.

Reed rested for awhile, feeling exhausted from the turn of events. He contemplated on what to do next. After a period of approximately two hours, Reed heard a humming noise emanating from somewhere within the woods.

Reeds attempted to locate the area of which this humming noise was emitting from and he discovered a black object hovering above the ground.

This black obelisk object was continuing to generate a humming noise and Reed states that the air around the object was filled with heavy electrostatic air. Once Reed touched the object he claims the humming noise stopped. There was no one else within the area he states.

Dr. Reeds was sick at this point and extremely exhausted. He knew that it would soon be dark so he grabbed a thermo blanket and wrapped this strange creature in it.

As he was rolling the creature into the blanket he noticed something shiny on the ground nearby. By its strange hieroglyphic-like markings and unusual shape, he immediately deduced that it belonged to the creature
. He was deep into the woods and it would take him at least an hour and a half to get back to his home.

At this point he was trying to figure out what he has wrapped up in his thermo blanket. Was this the discovery of the century?

Once he finally arrived home he placed the creature into his freezer in his garage. Reeds, tired and exhausted from the events that occurred, fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, Reeds took the creature out of his freezer and examined it while recording with his camera.

The Link Artifact

Dr. Reeds believes that this metallic object was some kind of communication device that the creature wore on its arm.

He also examined the metallic object that he ultimately named the Link Artifact. Although there is no way to know for sure, he believed that it was some sort of communication device that the creature wore on its arm.

He speculated that it may have been some sort of "link" to either the black obelisk floating nearby or perhaps a link to his "co-creatures"...which is why he named it the Link.

The hieroglyphic-like black symbols on the surface of the Link are not painted on. They are actually sticking up through an opening in the metal, similar to buttons - but they don't actually depress. Also, the black surface of each symbol has a somewhat gritty texture - almost like the texture of sandpaper.

He tried to find some friends to share this experience with but claims he was only able to find one friend who was willing. Reeds claims that he and his friend were followed everywhere they went from some unknown group, possibly the MIB.

Reed claims that most of his evidence and the creature was all taken from his home. His home was completely ransacked. Reeds claims at this point he stepped out of the spotlight for 2 years, fearing for his life he basically had to live his life hiding. He claims that he could not get any support from any of the known UFO groups out there. He also states that he was shot during the years following the ordeal.

Dr Jonathan Reed's Alien Encounter

Dr. Reeds case is perhaps the most allegedly violent attacked contact case reported. While many people cast doubt on this case he continues to state that it is all true.

It all started back on November 11th, 1998 when a man claiming to be Dr. Jonathan Reed took center stage on the late night radio program Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.

During this program, Reed, accompanied by a man calling himself Robert Raith, told of an October 15th, 1996 encounter that was alleged to have taken place in a Washington State forest.

Reed said he killed an alien in the woods after the alien had disintegrated his dog. Reed claimed to have taken video and photos of the alien and a UFO (referred to as an "obelisk").

Of course, the story didn't simply end there. Reed said he took the alien home, stored it in a freezer and was subsequently harassed by government agents that murdered a friend of his and then attempted to kill Reed.

Later, the alien comes back to life and the government thugs wipe Reed's identity from the face of the planet, ransack his home and Dr.Reed is forced to live underground aided by an unknown group called "The Alliance" that appears to be protecting him from another group called "The Dark Side".

Reed later claimed to have recovered an alien device that attaches to the wrist and to which the functions are unknown. In the process of all this, a few so-called UFO investigators/researchers claimed to have thoroughly investigated Dr.Reed and his associates. These same investigators have stated that the case is genuine and Dr. Reed is a real doctor.

Along with this, some of these people have also stated that Reed has "irrefutable" evidence that is extraterrestrial in origin. Others chose to publicly voice their opinion based on little more than perhaps meeting Dr. Reed and/or viewing Dr. Reed's photo and video evidence.

Photo of the alleged alien that Dr. Reed encountered. Notice the red eye effect. Some claim that this may provide proof that this is a real alien, or possibly a real eye. 
Photo of Dr. Jonathan Reed examining the aliens eyes. The alien appears to have a grayish skin-tone, large eyes, small slit for a mouth, small nose, no hair, and no ears (possible slits for ears). The species apparently wore a black seamless garment that would automatically repair itself if torn or ripped. 

 Dr Reed / Rutter - Alien Creature Blinking

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter) which took place in October of 1996. As Rutter (Dr Reed) explained, his alien encounter originated in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle near Snoqualmie Pass.

 Dr Reed / Rutter - Full Woods Footage

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter). As Rutter (Dr Reed) explained, his alien encounter originated in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle near Snoqualmie Pass.

 Dr Reed / Rutter - Alien Head Wound Exam

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter).

While the creature was still unconscious, Rutter decided to look more closely at the head wound. He set up his camera, put on some medical gloves and carefully examined the wound.

 Dr Reed / Rutter - The Alien Scream

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter).

This is the Alien Scream that Dr Reed recorded and was heard on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell back in 1998.

Dr. Jonathan Reed's Story

'I took the liberty of putting some things together in order to shed light on what Fact or Faked chose not to mention.

THIS SyFy program was a direct and calculated attempt to create as much disinformation as possible regarding Dr Jonathan Reed and his case. A predetermined negative agenda to continue to tarnish and to persuade people to not acknowledge the truth regarding the reality of ET encounters, and anyone connected with them.

Programs like this- try to create as much propaganda, hype and controversy only to increase their own rating and publicity, but also to distort the real and complete facts as well.

The SyFy show was moronic and stupidly done. The public has totally seen through their lame ploy to discredit Jonathan and his information, and IS now reacting by increasing their support.

Since 1996 Dr. Reed has been an invited guest on 94 international television programs - outside of the US. Sincerely, this cable program is only another weak and lame attempt to further discredit and harass Jonathan Reed and his personal reputation for speaking out about his own encounters and the truth regarding ET / IB Life forms on and around our planet.

By the thousands and thousands of over-whelming supportive email (such as yours) that Jonathan is now receiving- WE know there has been an out-cry of strength by people all around the world who know the real truth concerning Dr Reed, and who ARE now giving him their full support to continue to be able to tell his story- and to fight against attacks of disinformation and character assassination from debunkers like this, globally.

THEY are attacking Jonathan Reed because HE had the courage to come forward, for all of Us- and continue to tell the truth about his personal experiences and the reality of ET Life.

THEY will stop at nothing- to try and persuade people to only look away from this reality. WE all need to keep working together to ensure all of our rights - to know this truth.

Thank you for your interest and support.

I have faith that the public will realize that a 17 minute show doesn't have the capability to prove or disprove a case this involved.'

Reeds, like everyone else in this world has people who support him and people who do not. Many people believe this was a hoax, while many people at the same time believe that he is telling the truth.

Some individuals and groups are upset at TV shows such as Fact or Faked.

They believe that shows like this do not discuss and explain the whole story and are too quick to dismiss things.

In the end, believers will believe and non-believers will continue not to believe. It is possible this was a hoax and it appears that more and more people believe it was.

Shows like Fact or Faked may possibly make a certain individual come up with a conclusion but in some cases people do understand that these types of shows are generally for entertainment purposes and most people who are truly interested in such topics will do their own research and come up with their own conclusions.

Were these events real? That is for you to decide. Are we alone in this universe? No.