Alien Life Under the Looking Glass
Is the Human Race Prepared?

Alien Life Under the Looking Glass
Is the Human Race Prepared?

Humans have searched for signs of life beyond our world for centuries.

Experts are discussing not only how to detect extraterrestrials but also how potential contact would impact human life.

Such contact would change our politics, governments, religions, economy, technology, etc. 

The alien invasion is a common theme in science fiction stories and film, in which an extraterrestrial society invades Earth with the intent to exterminate and replace human life, enslave it under a colonial  system, to harvest humans for food, or sometimes to destroy the earth altogether.

The invasion scenario has been used as an allegory for a protest against military hegemony and the societal ills of the time. H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds is often viewed as an indictment of European colonialism and its "gunboat diplomacy" —setting a common theme for some politically motivated future alien invasion stories.

Prospects of invasion tended to vary with the state of current affairs, and current perceptions of threat.

Alien invasion was a common metaphor in US science fiction during the Cold War, illustrating the fears of foreign (e.g. Soviet Union) occupation and nuclear devastation of the American people.

Examples of these stories include "The Liberation of Earth" by William Tenn and The Body Snatchers.

In the invasion trope, fictional aliens contacting Earth tend to either observe (sometimes using experiments) or invade, rather than help the population of Earth acquire the capacity to participate in interplanetary affairs.
The most well-known alien invasion scenarios involve the aliens landing on Earth, destroying or abducting people, fighting and defeating Earth's military forces, and then destroying Earth's major cities.

There have been a few exceptions, such as the alien-initiated first contact that begins the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still, and the Vulcan-initiated first contact that concludes the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact (although after a failed invasion by the Borg in the rest of the film).

In both cases, aliens decide to visit Earth only after noticing that its inhabitants have reached a threshold level of technology: nuclear weapons combined with space travel in the first case, and faster-than-light travel using warp drive technology in the second.

The most well-known alien invasion scenarios involve the aliens landing on Earth, destroying or abducting people, fighting and defeating Earth's military forces, and then destroying Earth's major cities.

Usually, the bulk of the story follows the battles between the invaders and Earth's armies, as in The War of the Worlds.

However, not all alien invasion stories follow this plot. In some accounts, the alien invaders will covertly subvert human society using disguises, shapechanging, creating conflict in humanity and let humans destroy themselves, or human allies.

In other depictions, the aliens score an overwhelming victory over humanity and the bulk of the story occurs after the aliens have taken over. Sometimes, the aliens do not come from space, but from another dimension. And in some fiction, the invaders may not actually be aliens, but demonic creatures.

Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us

Real witnesses. Real encounters. Never before seen footage.

This is an incredibly educational documentary film narrated by Mr. Robert Davi. It is a great source for anyone who is interested even the slightest bit with the subject matter of extraterrestrials. Aliens exist and they have always been among us.

In fact, if you dig deep enough and do your own hard and grueling research you will come to find out that we ARE their brothers.

Only certain benevolent races though but there are always the races who are trying to control the show almost like a game of chess for their own benefits.

They want to use Earth for our minerals and elemental resources. Mr. Whitley Strieber, an abductee and a very famous author is interviewed within this jaw dropping documentary and I hope all of you out there keep an open mind to what is discussed within this documentary.

It is extremely crucial that you all do so. It is vital for our survival as a species in the vastness of the cosmos.

Spiritual Conspiracy: Aliens Created Humans as a Slave Race

Is it possible that aliens actually created the human race solely for a species to be slaves?

A beneficial alien invasion theme has also been explored in fiction on the rare occasion. With this type of story, the invaders, in a kind of little grey/green man's burden, colonize the planet in an effort to spread their culture and "civilize" the indigenous "barbaric" inhabitants or secretly watch and aid earthlings saving them from themselves.

The former theme shares many traits with hostile occupation fiction, but the invaders tend to view the occ
upied peoples as students or equals rather than subjects and slaves. The latter theme of secret watcher is a paternalistic/maternalistic theme.

In this fiction, the aliens intervene in human affairs to prevent them from destroying themselves, such as Klaatu and Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still warning the leaders of Earth to abandon their warlike ways and join other space-faring civilizations else that they will destroy themselves or be destroyed by their interstellar union.

Other examples of a
beneficial alien invasion are Gene Roddenberry's The Questor Tapes movie and his 1968 Star Trek episode Assignment: Earth, Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, the anime and novel series Crest of the Stars and David Brin's Uplift series of books.

The little grey/green man's burden idea was commonly explored by Harry Turtledove's Worldwar and Colonization series. The reptilian Lizard-men that invade Earth have an imperialistic mindset which is directly compared in the narrative to 19th century models of cultural imperialism.

One of the moral dilemmas of the series, however, is that the Lizards are consistently portrayed as morally superior to Nazi Germany of the 1940s, which they are trying to invade along with the other Axis and Allied powers. The Lizards actually liberate Treblinka, and ethnic groups in Eastern Europe being oppressed by the Nazis hail them as liberators.

They have difficulty conceptually understanding why the Nazis are committing ethnic genocide, and on the whole, consider humanity to be so barbaric and warlike that they would benefit from being united under their culture.