The Stan Romanek Alien Video
Figure that Looks like an Alien is Seen Peeking in the Window

The Stan Romanek Alien Video
July 17th, 2003 - Denver Colorado

Stan Romanek
thought there was a problem with a Peeping Tom.

This went on for months, until a researcher involved with his case suggested that the next time he suspected anything out of the ordinary, he should set up his camcorder and put it on night shot then walk away.

Suddenly Stan noticed two flashes of very bright light, when he came to investigate; he was surprised to see something very strange outside, running away. Stan was even more surprised when he realized that what he had captured on film did not look human.

Real or Fake? You be the judge.

A Denver man is trying to get voters to set up a commission to prepare for space aliens and to raise awareness about their existence.

In the video, a figure that looks like an alien is seen peeking in the window, it moves up and down, moves it's head from side to side and it blinks. A man named Stan Romanek claims he shot the video at his home in Nebraska. He actually saw it out of the corner of his eye.

He has two teenage daughters, he thought it was a peeping Tom so he set up a video camera and got this instead," said Dr. Alejandro Rojas. Rojas is friends with Romanek and is also part of the Mutual UFO Network, an organization that gathers data and investigates UFO sightings.

"Our data shows that there is aircraft out there that has technology beyond human capabilities, the government knows about it but they aren't showing it," Rojas said.

Jeff Peckman says he's never seen a UFO, but when he heard credible testimony from dozens of witnesses and saw Romanek's video, he became a believer. "Having the video is a visual confirmation, it completed the experience," Peckman said.

He is now pushing for a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to deal with space aliens. He wants the voters to decide for themselves, was a real alien caught on tape or is it all just a big hoax.

If the initiative gets on the ballot it would only be for Denver residents. Peckman hopes to be able to release the video to the public sometime this year.

Stan Romanek on ABC

Stan claims his experiences began in December 2000.

According to Romanek, he was driving to take pictures of the Colorado scenery when he claims what he saw was a "Multi-spherical UFO" hovering over the power lines.

Roughly one year later while returning home from a road trip, Stan claims a UFO allegedly followed his van through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois before flying off.

Stan claims ten days later while driving home he spotted what he thought to be a police spotlight.

He says it was another UFO that this time, for lack of better description, "beamed" his van with some sort of energy.

Stan produced an x-ray showing what he claimed was an implant in his leg placed there by his alien abductors.

However, when asked by ABC News if he would submit to an independent medical exam, Stan told ABC that the implant had suddenly vanished, and no evidence was left for examination.

The Stan Romanek Interview

When Romanek appeared on Larry King Live in 2008, he played a video that he claimed showed an alien named "Boo."

In the wake of this appearance, Romanek was widely ridiculed and his video was labeled by many who saw it as a fake.

In 2008, the same video wa
s screened in Denver as part of an attempt to set aside tax dollars for the formation of an extraterrestrial commission.

Many who viewed this video noted movement by the alien, and the presenters of the video stated that it had been reviewed by film experts who determined that there were no post-production special effects added, and that any enhancements would require skilled professionals and thousands of dollars.

However, area skeptics were able to reproduce the movements in the original video by using a rented alien costume and some home video editing software.

The work took them about five hours and cost $90

In Romanek's writing the outcome of the equation was multiplied by 100. Romanek also wrote another series of equations that appear in his book Messages.

According to Romanek: "We found this equation on September 3, 2002. Upon waking, my wife noticed the alarm clock was upside down.

Then we both noticed there were pens, pencils and paper in and around our bed. Lying next to me was this equation in my hand writing. I have no idea how I did it in total darkness and asleep..."

These equations appear to have come from a work published at least 3 months prior to Romanek's September 3rd revelation, in June 2002 by physicist Harold E. Puthoff.


Stan Romanek Mathematical Formulas

Perhaps the most publicized claim in Romanek's case are the mathematical formulas he claims to have written while under hypnotic regression.

During one session, Romanek wrote out a version of the Drake equation, which dates back to the 1960s and was an attempt to estimate the amount of possible planets that could support life and possibly come into contact with Earth.