Woman Claims Alien Abduction
Five Beings Came in Quickly that Night and Took Her

Woman Claims Alien Abduction
Five Beings Came in Quickly that Night and Took Her

Woman Claims Alien Abduction as seen on ABC News. Jane Nelms says throughout her life, she's had constant visitors not of this earth. She says it all started on a night in 1973, when a brilliant white light appeared in her bedroom window. "I was terrified. As soon as the sun went down, I knew they'd be there."

"As I pulled the drape aside, all of a sudden there were 5 beings all around me." Nelms has drawn pictures of the 5 beings she says that came in quickly that night and took her.

"I could not move, couldn't do a thing. And I was trying to grab the railings to stop myself from being taken. They had total control.

"She says they carried her to their ship, and one of them even spoke. "He said in a very monotone voice, 'Jane, it is your time to come.'

And I said, 'I am not going anywhere.' He said, 'Why not you come with us?' I mean, just very, very few words.

I said, Because they need me here on Earth. I have family, I have friends.' 'It is your time to come now.'"

"So, they took me. It wasn't until 1993, when I was hypnotized, that I found out what they were doing."

Nelms says she didn't speak about what happened for years, until she met others who claimed similar experiences at a support group near Dallas.

When she moved to Carrollton, Nelms says the aliens followed her and came to others.

She remembers a frantic, frightening phone call from a neighbor. She said three different types of beings came down the hallway, and the fans started rotating in the opposite direction and the lights were flashing.

And little balls of light were flying around everywhere. She said one of the beings was so tall it could hardly get through the door.

Nelms says those beings abducted her neighbor, just like they abducted her. But why? She says for scientific research. "I know this is crazy, but this is what happened." They examined her.

She said when she was on the ship, the mother ship, she said there were all kinds of different species of aliens.

Some of them were wearing civilian clothes, she said some of them talked in other languages, she said one told her that they weren't going to harm her, they just wanted to do some examinations.
Jane Nelms says throughout her life, she's had constant visitors not of this earth. She says it all started on a night in 1973, when a brilliant white light appeared in her bedroom window.


She says she confronted those same aliens that night, and even has evidence they were here. "These are the fingerprints off of the car." Nelms showed us pictures of long, skinny markings of what she claims are the alien's fingerprints that she dusted.

She showed us pictures of what she says are the aliens. "This alien was in a fetal position as it tumbled through the window, through solid material. It's hard to see... it's almost like an x-ray.

Nelms says in order to overcome her fears, she went out and met them. "I went out into the backyard and I faced one of them, very tall, and in the dark he had really glowing eyes. And he was scanning. He stood there and was just scanning."

"And he looked up and I was about 25 feet from him and I said, 'You don't scare me'."

She says they left after that, but not for long. Just months ago dozens of Texans reported extraordinary encounters in Erath County, like seeing lights in the sky and flying objects near Stephenville and Dublin.

Of course, we're not here to say it happened or didn't happen; but for many, there is still a lot that is unexplained.

Now we continue an East Texas woman's story of alleged alien abductions. Jane Nelms lives near Winnsboro and is also president of the UFO Society in Plano.

She grew up in England and has lived in many places, claiming aliens follow her and constantly visit, even now here in East Texas.

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane has more of her story, and we'll leave it up to you to decide if you believe or not.

Jane Nelms said one of the most interesting encounters happened one night near Winnsboro. She, along with others from the UFO support group, gathered at a neighbor's home in the country.

"We all saw this brilliant white light and, a couple seconds later, we'd see it from another window. And Wayne said, 'Oh no, they're all around the house.' So one of the guys goes out to the car to get a pack of cigarettes. He comes back the color of this [white] paper here without his cigarettes, and standing by his car is one of the Greys, the small aliens," said Nelms.

Nelms said her husband was in the backyard, so she stepped outside to check on him.

"We hear this snapping of branches and crash! Boom! All of a sudden we hear, 'woooo'. And as that ship took off, it snapped off all these branches in the woods. And I went back into the house. "She said the aliens never came inside the house that night, but were observing them from all around.

Nelms said somebody else has been observing her: men in black. She believes the government agents do exist and attempted to silence her after she went on a radio station in Dallas.
Nelms said one came to her while she was shopping. "He was all in black. Black hat, black sunglasses, black suit."

"He was probably 6'4", and no matter what aisle I went down, he would be right there. And then I got some phone calls," said Nelms.

Nelms said she told them she will not be silenced. In fact, that's why she's talking to us.
"People have to experience things for themselves. It doesn't bother me if people don't believe me. All I know is what has happened," said Nelms.

Perhaps the hardest story to believe is what she said happened to her in the 1980's.

My husband and I hadn't had relations for awhile and I was pregnant. Four and a half months pregnant, and everything was fine.

Everything was fine. I got over the morning sickness, and the baby was doing ok. And my husband was out of town ... and things were going on, strange things. I went to bed that night and I thought, 'things aren't right now. This is not right.'

"I sensed something was near the house, and I didn't know what. So I went to bed pregnant, four and a half months pregnant, and I woke up that morning and I'd had a terrible night like it was a nightmare. A literal nightmare. And I knew when I woke up that morning that I was no longer pregnant," said Nelms.

She believes the aliens took her baby. Nelms said she is not sure where the beings come from and what exactly they're doing, but she intends to find out. And she says the aliens have chosen her.

"People are afraid, and I'm going to be there to help them." So what exactly did they say? "They said there will be a time when people will see more of us and that you will be working with us. You will help those people. And I have no fear now."

Jane Nelms probably doesn't fit your stereotype of someone who claims close encounters with UFOs and aliens.

She has lived a prosperous life all over the world, and has settled in East Texas with her husband. Her father was an intelligence officer for the British Aircraft Corporation, and was even knighted by the Queen of England for his service to the country.

Jane is also an artist and a writer. She has kept diaries of her alleged encounters that she may one try to get published.

But of course, it's up to you to decide if you believe her stories. Jane is so confident that she says she'll happily take a lie detector test. As for the skeptics, Jane said just stay one night with her.

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