The Aliens Agenda
Alien Goals for Humankind

The Aliens Agenda
–– In this world we seem to have at least two sides to everything. We have yes and no, zero and one, good and evil, etc.

So when it comes to an alien species here on Earth we have to ask ourselves what would their intentions be and would they serve a good purpose or an evil purpose in our eyes?

The very fact that I state 'in our eyes' is because who truly is the enemy? That is subjective. Which side of a war is truly good or bad? Is the human race truly good as a whole?

Well, I can only speak as a human and if a species invaded Earth and started harvesting us I think that most of us would view that as an evil purpose.

If this alien species decided that we are in the way of a planet they would like to claim for themselves and started to eliminate us one by one I would again believe most of us would see this as an evil deed.

But, if an alien species came to Earth and tried to help us with surviving and teaching us things, then most of the human race would view this as a good purpose (although many would remain skeptical). When someone hands us something for free we are usually grateful but at the same time we hear a little voice in the back of our head saying "What are they up to? What are their intentions?"

We create many conspiracy theories about all sorts of things and as a race we truly are a skeptical and curious species. But what if aliens are here? What would their intentions be? Would they do evil deeds towards the human race, or good?

Evil Intentions
–– If this alien species had evil intentions then what purpose would it be? The biggest scenario according to Stephen Hawking would be that they are here to possibly harvest us or use our planet for their own purpose.

Which then would bring us to the point of what would happen to the human race? Many theories state that the human race would be obliterated and destroyed. Their is no use for the human species on a planet which an advanced alien species would call their home. Basically, we would be in the way.

Another theory states that we would be used as a slave species to do the bidding of what our masters wanted. Nature teaches us that generally the more advanced, powerful species wins in the end.

One thing comes to my mind as I write this and that is, if they are already here and view us as a species that was just in the way and useless, then why are we still here?

Wouldn't we be long gone by now? Are they waiting for a certain point and then they will pounce on us? Chances are they would have eliminated us by now.

Good Intentions –– If this alien species has good intentions then would would they do for us? Maybe they would teach us that borders and governments should play no roll in our society. Maybe they would teach us many of the things we believe are wrong such as money and religion.

Maybe we would learn to get along as a society as a whole. In other words, maybe they can expand our way of thinking rather then the narrow minded ways of things we have done over the past.

They might teach us about new technology and provide ways to end world hunger. They might teach us to stop fighting with one another and to end all the wars on our planet.

Dr. Steven Greer believes that if an alien species was truly evil then we would not be here now and that provides evidence that an alien species has no evil intentions for us as a human race. They would most likely be able to teach us and help us with many things if their intentions are truly good for the human race.

Conclusions –– I think in the end the real threat is us. Our way of thinking would change so much once it is confirmed that an alien species is here. Many people would feel threatened with their religions when it comes to aliens.

Governments would probably lose much of their power. Our military would be looked at as a toy factory compared to the advanced technology this alien species holds. Money may no longer grasp any power on the human race. Basically our entire structure would be altered.

This may make more sense why our governments would keep such a thing secret. Why there are so many cover-ups. The governments of this world are not worried about protecting us from this alien species.

They are trying to protect themselves as a leader. They view a technologically advanced species as a threat to them and the powers they hold. So, to our governments the aliens are evil. To us as a whole, they will most likely be good.