Popular Alien Species
Greys and Reptilians


: 3.5 - 6 feet

t: 40 - 90 lbs (estimated)

: None

: Large, oval-shaped, black, no pupils

: Generally grey-white to grey-green, sometimes grey-blue. Generally extremely smooth though some are rough textured

: No visible signs of reproduction organs, theories suggest cloning is their form of reproduction

: Telepathic, ESP

Fingers: 3 to 5 fingers have been reported, long slender

Feet: Small and narrow, four toes are joined together with a membrane

Attitude: Lack emotions, extremely intelligent, very focused goal - survival by cloning
Long Slender Humanoid - Associated with Alien Abductions Among the Human Race

Greys are a very popular alien species among ufologists. They have been coined the name Greys due to their skin tone. The Greys are widely associated with alien abductions among the human race and it has been said that they use their advanced technology and brain power to kidnap humans and abduct them for experiments and cloning.

Greys are generally described as long and slender with a large head and eyes.

They appear to have no reproductive organs and they have been described as showing no signs of emotions at all.

They generally have small slits for the nose and ears and a very small mouth although some reports have indicated they have no visible mouths or nose at all.

Their arms and legs are generally reported as being approximately the same length and no hair can be found on their body.

Even though they are usually reported to being quite slender there have been humans who have said these beings are quite strong and theories have come up saying that their muscles may be quite different then ours and are tightly woven much like a insect which can produce great strengths.

They generally are reported as having 3-5 fingers and lack opposable thumbs. Their eyes are usually always reported as being very large and black with no signs of a pupil or iris.

Theories to why this may be the case have come up saying that their home world may have a dying sun which produces less light and because of this they are not use to our sun.

If this is the case then the reason humans tend
to not see a pupil or iris could be because the greys use a darkened lens covering over their eyes to shield them from the strong light produced from our sun.

It is most likely that this species does have an iris and pupil and what humans are seeing is actually a lens covering the aliens eyes.

There has been interesting information regarding two types of Greys. One being the dominant Grey and another species which is somewhat similar to the Grey but theories suggest that it may be a species the Greys have cloned to be used as a slave race to help aid the Greys in their tasks.

Among polling results of humans being abducted by aliens; Greys tend to be the major species in the abduction. Especially within Canada as polls indicate that up to 90% of abductions from an alien species have been reported to be from the Greys and only 10% from another alien species.

Compare that to Great Britain where polls indicate that only 12% of the reports show the abduction took place from the Greys and 88% from another alien species.


Reptilian Description

5 to 9 feet

Weight: 130 to 250 lbs (estimated)


Large, concave convex, slit pupil

Green to brown to yellow, scales, rough, heals slowly

Male and female

Voice, mind control

3 to 5, claw-like, sometimes long and slender

3 to 5 toes, long slender, webbed

Hostile, pro-war, greed, power hungry, uses shape-shifting for control and possible invisibility through a form of camouflage

Humanoid with Lizard like Qualities - Associated with Negative Emotions Against Humans

Reptilians are another very popular alien species among ufologists and appear to be very popular among conspiracy theorists. Reptilians have been reported to being humanoid with lizard like qualities. They have been reported to be between 5 to 9 feet in height although some reports indicate that they may actually be up to 12 feet in height at times.

The Reptilians usually have large eyes with a slit
pupil very similar to those found in most lizards.

They can be slender looking at times but they are usually reported to being quite bulky and extremely strong.

Their skin shows no signs of any hair and contains scales which usually appear rough but some reports have indicated that some Reptilians skin is more smoother then others which may be due to age.

The Reptilians skin tone is usually that of a green color but some reports show that it can be brown or yellow or a combination.

This species appears to have a male and a female. Their hands appear to be claw like and sometimes long and slender with 3-5 fingers in all. Some reports indicate that their hands may even have webbed features.

The Reptilians are known to have a quite powerful brain but not as powerful as the Greys in most cases. The Reptilian species appears to be able to have a form of mind control which it uses to influence the human race. Unlike the Greys, the Reptilians have the ability to use speech. The Reptilians feet have been said to have 3 to 5 toes, long and slender and are webbed.

Reptilians have been said to drink blood and have the ability to shape shift into different people or objects as a form of camouflage. There are reports that this species lives in hollow caverns
under the Earth and are the force behind a world-wide conspiracy towards the human race.

This species is said to use fear, hatred and negative emotions against humans whi
ch is a food for the Reptilians. Reptilians are considered to be related to major world leaders on our Earth according to a British Writer David Icke. Icke's theories have supporters within 47 countries throughout Earth and he gives lectures to large crowds quite frequently.

He believes these lizard like species came from the Alpha Draconis star system of the Orion Constellation
. This serpent like race appears to have a very negative influence among the human race and are considered a major threat. This species appears to be pro-war and a very power hungry creature.

Many people believe that the Reptilian species is real but polls appear to indicate that most people believe the Reptilians to be a completely bogus and a fabricated story as a way of trying to explain why some of our world leaders do what they do.

Many people believe that people in control such as governments and politicians appear to be making unwise decisions for the rest of mankind and polls appear to indicate that people are using this conspiracy theory about the Reptilians as a way of understanding how and why world leaders would do such negative things towards the human race and Earth.

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