Cattle Mutilations and the UFO Connection
Bovine Excision - Aliens & UFOs

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Cattle Mutilations and the UFO Connection
Bovine Excision - Aliens & UFOs

Cattle mutilation cases (aka Bovine Excision) show many similar commonalities. These types of cases have no blood around the mutilated bodies of the animals, there are no signs of animals around the body, actually animals tend to stay away from the body.

Certain body parts are removed from the mutilated body such as the eyes, jaw, ear, stomach and most commonly the reproductive organs.

These parts have been removed in a surgical manner. In many cases these types of mutilations have occurred during or after a thunderstorm.

Loud noises around the mutilation have been reported in the area very similar to a jet as well as helicopters have been reported around these areas. In many cases UFOs have been reported with the area of the mutilated bodies.

Theories are starting to show that another species is conducting tests on these animals possibly to see what consequences these animals have on the human race since beef is a very popular food for the human race.

Another theory is that these mutilations are being done as a form of genetics and DNA since cattles DNA is very similar to humans. This could explain why the reproductive organs are generally the most commonly removed body part.

Cattle mutilation is the apparent killing and then mutilation of cattle under unusual or anomalous circumstances.

In most cases mutilation wounds appear to be clean, and carried out surgically. Mutilated animals are usually, though not always reported to have been drained of blood, and have no sign of blood in the immediate area or around their wounds.

The absence of tracks or footprints around the site of the mutilated carcass is often considered a hallmark of cattle mutilation. However, in some cases, strange marks or imprints near the site have been found.

Domestic animals are also reported to be "visibly agitated" and "fearful" of the carcass.

Sheep and horses have allegedly been mutilated under similar circumstances. A hallmark of these incidents is the surgical nature of the mutilation, and unexplained phenomena such as the complete draining of the animal's blood, loss of internal organs with no obvious point of entry, and surgically precise removal of the reproductive organs and anal coring.

Another reported event is that the animal is found 'dumped' in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from the carcass, even when it is found in soft ground or mud.

The surgical-type wounds tend to be cauterized by an intense heat and made by very sharp/precise instruments, with no bleeding evident. Often flesh will be removed to the bone in an exact manner, consistent across cases, such as removal of flesh from around the jaw exposing the mandible.

A man comes across a mutilated cow with clean severed entrails in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. No blood, no bones only strange viscera and an unusual lack of any rancid smell.

In addition to the physical aspects of the mutilation, ranchers commonly claim to find unusual signs upon or after the discovery of a mutilated animal.

Since the time that reports of purported animal mutilations began, the causes have been attributed variously to natural decomposition, normal predators, cryptid predators (like the Chupacabra), extraterrestrials, secretive governmental or military agencies, and cults. "Mutilations" have been the subject of two independent federal investigations in the United States.

Most of these hypotheses are based on the premise that earthly entities could not perform such clean dissections in such a short space of time without being seen or leaving evidence behind at the mutilation site, and around laboratory reports suggesting the use of unconventional cutting tools and other unexpected phenomena.

Some suggest that as cows make up a significant part of the global human diet a study is being carried out on this element of the human food chain.

Numerous speculative theories abound, but others center on possible specific nutrient requisites, hormone procurement, species propagation (reproduction), and rote experimentation on mammalian populations.

Cattle Mutilation Hypotheses

Various hypotheses suggest cattle mutilations have been committed by aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes.

Some suggest that as cows make up a significant part of the global human diet a study is being carried out on this element of the human food chain.

After coming under increasing public pressure, Federal authorities launched a comprehensive investigation of the mutilation phenomena. In May 1979, the case was passed on to the FBI, which granted jurisdiction under Title 18 (codes 1152 and 1153).

The investigation was dubbed "Operation Animal Mutilation." The investigation was funded by a US$44,170 grant from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and was headed by FBI agent Kenneth Rommel.

"Operation Animal Mutilation" had five key objectives:
  1. To determine the reliability of the information on which the grant was based, which entailed gathering as much information as possible about the cases reported in New Mexico prior to May 1979
  2. To determine the cause of as many mutilations as possible, especially those reported in New Mexico
  3. To determine if livestock mutilations as described constitute a major law enforcement problem
  4. If these mutilations do constitute a major law enforcement problem, to determine the scope of the problem and to offer recommendations on how to deal with it
  5. If it is shown that the mutilation phenomenon is not a law enforcement problem, to recommend that no further law enforcement investigations be funded.

Rommel's final report was 297 pages long and cost approximately US$45,000. It concluded that mutilations were predominantly the result of natural predation, but that some contained anomalies that could not be accounted for by conventional wisdom. The FBI was unable to identify any individuals responsible for the mutilations.