UFO Closes Chinese Airport
Sightings have Increased in China in Recent Months

UFO Closes Chinese Airport (Oct 6th, 2010) - UFO sightings have increased in China in recent months, but one such sighting recently prompted an airport to shut down to prevent aircraft from crashing into the object, media reports say.

An airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, was forced to shut to prevent passenger planes crashing into a UFO, according to reports.

Three flights from Shanghai and Beijing were apparently forced to circle the airport until the “UFO” disappeared.

The object was said to be “flat and tubular” and hovered near the airport before disappearing, a source told The Sun. One of the crewmember’s of last landing aircraft on the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport said that the object was huge and the flight had to prepare for sudden landing.

Two other flights were diverted away from Baotou and to the nearby cities of Ordos and Taiyuan. The airport was shut for around an hour "to guarantee safety" according to a spokesman.

Witnesses reported a bright light shining in the sky on September 11th around two-and-a-half miles away from Baotou airport, before suddenly vanishing. The incident was the eighth reported UFO sighting in China since the end of June.

In July planes were grounded and flights diverted away from Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou City, China, after a mysterious glowing object appeared on air traffic controllers’ radar systems - although officials later confirmed the object was part of a military test being run nearby.

In August, at least four Chinese cities reported UFO sightings, while between June 30th and July 15th at least nine sightings have been reported across the country, according to Chinese media.

UFO sightings in China have been picking up too. Most of them have turned out to be earth military tests although some have been attributed to the quaint practice of flying illuminated kites at night.

Chinese authorities have refused to make a statement about suspected ‘UFO’ sightings in China. While some experts are coming to the conclusion that this is the evidence of a futuristic Chinese military aircraft.