Hot Spots for UFO Sightings
Yakima County has one of the Highest UFO Reporting Rates per Capita

 Hot Spots for UFO Sightings

Yakima County has one of the highest UFO reporting rates per capita. The study was released by Popular Mechanics. It showed by counting the number of UFO sightings reported from 1947 to 2005.

Yakima County ranked fourth among small cities with 227 sightings and King County was second with 621 reported sightings among major metro counties.

UFO sightings were found to increase around military training zones and many people may be witnessing military aircraft which could be top secret aircraft the military is testing which would make sense that some people may believe they are witnessing a UFO since they are unable to identify it as a conventional aircraft.

It is also possible that people may be witnessing real UFOs that are surveying military installations as well.

For those who study the UFO phenomenon, "UFO Hot Spots" are places around the globe known for a long history of UFO sightings and reports.

From Brazil to Mexico, from Washington State to Florida, multiple witnesses, including air traffic controllers and even military personnel, confirm that something unexplained is repeatedly happening in the night sky.

Tales of alien abductions, bizarre and chilling photographs of UFOs, and hours of videotape all abound as we search for UFO Hot Spots.

Sightings of UFOs have been witnessed around the world but it would appear that there are certain areas and places which receive more reports of UFO sightings than others.

It has been speculated that areas such as military bases as well as areas that contain nuclear weapons appear to be a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Within the United States it would appear that areas which receive the most reports of UFOs are California, Washington and Arizona.

There are many other reports of UFO sightings in other parts of the USA but these would appear to be hotspots for UFO activity. It is interesting to note that UFO sightings within the USA appear to be higher within the West portion of the USA rather than the East portion. 

The United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico appear to receive many more reports of UFO sightings compared to other countries as well.

Sightings of Black Triangle UFOs are mostly sighted within the USA and UK. It is possible that these sightings could be experimental military aircraft such as the TR-3B. (Top secret military aircraft)

There is no exact logic to the areas of sightings but it would appear that most of the major sightings appear within areas of military bases, nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction as well as areas that have power plants or some other type of energy production.

Many other sightings take place over bodies of water and it has been speculated that UFOs may actually hide within these bodies of water.

Some people have speculated that UFOs may actually have bases under large bodies of water since this would be the ideal area to conceal themselves from humans. Unfortunately due to the nature of this topic it is hard to prove and in some cases disprove these speculations.    
UFO Hot Spots in the United States

UFO sightings have been reported throughout the world, but it would appear that the west portion of the USA receives more UFO reports than that of the East. The USA, UK, Brazil and Mexico appear to receive more reports of UFOs than other countries throughout the world.

UFO Files - UFO Hot Spots

The UFO Files investigate areas of interest regarding UFOs. There are areas within the world which receive many more sightings of UFOs compared to other areas.

It would appear that UFOs are examining humans activities which would effect the Earth. Human activity has increasingly been destructive towards the Earth over the years especially within recent years since the creation of weapons of mass destruction.