Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs
UFO Technology is Currently Part of our Everyday Lives

Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs
UFO Technology is Currently Part of our Everyday Lives

Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings.

Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda.

DAN AYKROYD UNPLUGGED ON UFOS features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper and others, including former president Ronald Reagan.

"Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs" explores past and present sightings from around the world with shocking real footage, much of it never before seen, that will leave even the most skeptical viewers scratching their heads.

Along with the fascinating collection of stunning eyewitness videos, Aykroyd reveals his own vast knowledge of the strange and paranormal as he explores in detail his views on conspiracy theories, military secrets, and how UFO technology is currently part of our everyday lives.

Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs
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On Friday June 9, 2006: Dan Aykroyd talks about his new documentary focusing on his belief that some UFOs originate from extraterrestrial intelligence.

Former Saturday Night Live performer Dan Aykroyd has built a sideline as a researcher into UFOs and tried to create an investigative program called Out There that was cancelled before it aired.

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs is an unusual combination of an interview with a compilation of striking (albeit blurry and inconclusive) footage of lights in the sky and other unexplained phenomena.

Regrettably, Unplugged on UFOs undercuts itself by mixing compelling, inexplicable video (including footage from the Mexican air force and of the widely-seen Phoenix Lights) with more dubious images (like Billy Meier's discredited photos of spaceships in Switzerland).

The movie also contains interviews with former astronaut Gordon Cooper and excerpts from a lecture by former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, but front and center is Aykroyd (who has appeared in movies ranging from Ghost Busters to Driving Miss Daisy, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award), who muses on topics ranging from sightings around the world to alien abduction to what he would do if he could travel in time.

Though Aykroyd's comments on scientific topics are unrevelatory, his descriptions of personal encounters seem lucid and grounded in experience.

Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs

Dan Aykroyd is a lifetime member of and official Hollywood consultant for the Mutual UFO Network.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is an American non-profit organization that investigates cases of reported UFO sightings.

It is one of the oldest and largest UFO-investigative organizations in the United States.

MUFON was originally established as the Midwest UFO Network in Quincy, Illinois on May 30th, 1969 by Walter H. Andrus, Allen Utke, John Schuessler, and others.

Most of MUFON's early members had earlier been associated with Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO).

The organization now has more than 3,000 members worldwide, with a majority of its membership base situated in the continental United States.