Trumbull County Ohio UFO Sighting
Police Witness UFO and Multiple 9-1-1 Calls

Trumbull County Ohio UFO Sighting
Police Witness UFO and Multiple 9-1-1 Calls

The UFO hunters reopen famous police cold-cases involving mass UFO sightings such as the 1994 Trumbull County, Ohio and Holland, Michigan sightings and the 2000 Millstadt, Illinois case where 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls and police radio chatter of strange lights moving slowly through the sky.

On December 14th, 1994, Police tapes, video, and the testimony of a radar operator suggest something very strange was seen over the skies in Ohio. Multiple police reported seeing a large, red, pulsating object that they could not identify.

Police departments in Trumbull County, Ohio and surrounding areas start getting multiple 9-1-1 calls of strange lights in the sky from panicked and concerned residents.

Police in multiple jurisdictions report seeing strange objects, even chasing them. Sergeant Toby Meloro of the Liberty Township Police Department was one of the first to respond.

Initially, the dispatch operator and officers on duty that evening, can be heard actually joking about the situation.

However, the mood would soon become quite serious, as visual contact began to be confirmed by patrolman from several different stations, including The Howland and Liberty townships, as well as Hubbard, Girard and Trumbull County police departments.

The tapes of Meloro's stunning conversation with a police operator as he sees the object are featured in the show, along with an interview with Meloro himself, who says the object he saw looked like a large, pulsating light.

For the first time, a National Weather Service radar operator comes forward to describe the radar signatures he saw that night. Says Jack Bushong, "I've never seen anything move so fast."

Various descriptions are given to recount the physical appearance of the object, ranging from a bright light to a structured object with a parachute-like attachment, to an object with an element protruding from the top of it. The primary object was first said to have been 'blue-colored' and even described as the "back-end of a fighter plane."

Other callers described a bluish-green object with flames. Police officers described a brilliant red light on a 'huge' object, others reported a bright-white light. Still others described a glowing red, saucer-shaped object which rotated, as if on an axis. No sound was ever heard or reported by any of the witnesses.

One police officer described the UFO as a 'big red glow, as bright as daylight on the ground'.

There is a base within this area called the Youngstown-Warren Air Reserve Station. It is a military facility located in Vienna Center, Ohio, 11 miles north of Youngstown and 10 miles east of Warren, in Trumbull County, Ohio. The installation is located at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport.

It is possible that what was witnessed had something to do with military aircraft from this base although witnesses reported something very unconventional within the skies.

The military has been known to have rather strange looking aircraft and it is possibly that testing of top secret aircraft would be done during the night time but it is highly unlikely for them to be testing such crafts over populated areas.

Multiple witnesses which include police officers from
multiple jurisdictions that report seeing strange objects as well as multiple 9-1-1 calls from the public reporting strange lights in the skies makes this a very interesting mass UFO sighting which may never fully be explained.