UFO Road Trip
The UFO Subject

UFO Road Trip (The UFO Subject) 

This is a nice series of videos made by Pat Uskert on his trip to discover what is behind the UFO subject, including interviews with various people. This is a one hour video composed of all 12 episodes of UFO Road Trip, made by Pat Uskert on his trip to discover what is behind this UFO subject.

It contains some pretty nice first-hand footage and investigative follow-ups (calls to the A.F., etc) and also some good short interviews with various people. Includes: Art Bell on Coast To Coast AM; Retired Sergeant Major Robert Dean; Dr. Roger Leir; Michael Salla, Ph.D.; Marcia Schafer, MBA.

1. Intro: It Begins Destination: Venice, CA Synopsis: How a UFO Road Trip begins.

2. Sonora Sightings Destination: Sonora, CA Host: Mark Olson, D.M. UFO types : Orbs, triangle lights, cylinders Synopsis: We view and discuss the UFO footage Mark Olson has shot from the balcony of his home.

3. UFOs Over Phoenix Destination: Glendale, AZ Host: Jeff Willes UFO types : Anomalous lights Synopsis: On a hike with Skywatcher/UFO Hunter Jeff Willes in the mountains around Phoenix, we film anomalous lights to the west.

4. A Little Chat With Art Bell Destination: Glendale, AZ Host: Jeff Willes, Synopsis: Art Bell invites Jeff to discuss his recently filmed sighting on Coast to Coast.

5. The Petroglyph Connection Destination: Hieroglyph Canyon / Phoenix, AZ Host: Jeff Woolwine Synopsis: Jeff Woolwine looks at tthe ancient Hohokam petroglyphs in the Phoenix area., exploriing a possible link to the UFO phenomenon.

6. Conversations in the Dark Destination: Phoenix, CA Synopsis: A group of skywatchers discuss commonly seen lights in the sky, the ramifications of ET disclosure.

7. Bob Dean Interview Destination: Eyes Only Host: Bob Dean Synopsis: Retired Sergeant Major Robert Dean lays it down, explaining his views on disclosure, the cover-up, and ET intelligence.

8. Paul Potter and UFO Physics Destination: Surrey England Host: Paul Potter, Xan Phillips Synopsis: Paul Potter discusses how some UFOs might work.

9. Lair of the Skywatchers Destination: Cave Creek, AZ Host:Josh R. Synopsis: We visit skywatcher Josh R. and view footage of more strange lights over the Phoenix, AZ area.

10. Dr. Roger Leir Interview Destination: Laughlin, NV Synopsis: Dr. Roger K. Leir discusses adbuction, implants, and touches on media control of the ET topic.

11. Interview, Michael Salla Ph.D. Destination: Laughlin, NV Synopsis: Dr. Michael Salla discusses exopolitics and ET disclosure.

12. Interview, Marcia Schafer MBA Destination: Eyes Only Synopsis: Author, intuitive, futurist - business consultant Marcia Schafer discusses preparing ourselves for disclosure and a new world.

–– All credits go to the original producer.

An unidentified flying object is any unusual apparent object in the sky whose cause cannot be identified by the observer, or (in a narrower definition) by investigators; though in popular usage it more loosely means alien spacecraft, being one explanation (among several) offered for such sightings.

Though UFO sightings have occurred throughout history, modern interest in them dates from World War II, since when governments have investigated UFO reports, often from a military perspective, and UFO researchers have investigated, written about and created organizations devoted to the subject.

Studies have established that the majority of UFOs are observations of some real but conventional object—most commonly aircraft, balloons, noctilucent clouds, nacreous clouds, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets – that have been misidentified by the observer as anomalies, while a small percentage of reported UFOs are hoaxes.

However, after excluding these incorrect reports, between 5% and 20% of the total remain unexplained, and so can be classified as unidentified in the strictest sense.