Arizona Lights
Fact or Faked

Arizona Lights (Fact or Faked) - Ben Hanson, a former FBI agent, and his team of paranormal investigators assemble to solve of some of the most tangled mysteries.

Arizona Lights

Bill, Larry and Chi-Lan,are in Arizona interviewing Jeff Willes, the man who captured the footage of the lights in the sky. Willes explains that he and his friend were researching UFOs and caught these flying lights that appeared sequentially, then seemed to hyper-jump from one configuration to a new one, disappearing and reappearing. Willes said that he called the nearby air force base the next day, and learned that they had no aircraft in the sky that night.

In their first experiment, Bill and his team angle a pane of glass, then beam lasers through it to see if they would be visible in the distant sky. Indeed they are, but Bill cannot duplicate the movement from the video.

Next, they harness light bulbs to helium balloons, and rig the lights so that they can be controlled from the ground. It's impressive, but still doesn't replicate the video, so Bill and Chi-Lan go looking for trace evidence while Larry watches the cameras trained on the sky.

Just as Bill and Chevon hear strange humming noises, Larry radios to them saying that he's spotted a light moving across the sky. All three see it with their own eyes, and the image is also caught on the infrared cameras.

Back at headquarters, everyone is excited about the chilling discovery that the Arizona Lights remain unexplained.