UFO Sightings Over Mexico City
Mass Sightings over Mexico

UFO Sightings Over Mexico City
Mass Sightings over Mexico

This is a short clip from the Travel Channels Strange Travelers show, in this segment they talk about mass UFO sightings, and aliens called Humanoids.

A humanoid (from English human and -oid "resembling") is something that has an appearance resembling a human being. The term first appeared in 1912 to refer to fossils which were morphologically similar to, but not identical with, those of the human skeleton.

Although this usage was common in the sciences for much of the 20th century, it is now considered rare. More generally, the term can refer to anything with uniquely human characteristics and/or adaptations, such as possessing apposable appendage (thumbs) or the ability to walk in an upright position.

In the field of ufology, humanoid refers to any of the claimed extraterrestrials which abduct human victims, such as the Greys, the Reptilians, Nordics, and Martians.

Unsolved Mysteries - Mexico UFO

On July 11th 1991 an unprecedented UFO sighting occurred above one of the world's largest city, Mexico City, and simultaneously over several other cities around Mexico.

Witnessed by thousands of people, and filmed from multiple vantage points, this event remains after more than a decade, perhaps the most significant single mass UFO event of the last century, and the most unreported, by mainstream media outside of Mexico.

On August 12th, 1883, the astronomer José Bonilla reported that he saw more than 300 dark, unidentified objects crossing before the sun while observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico.

He was able to take several photographs, exposing wet plates at 1/100th of a second. Although it was subsequently determined that the objects were actually high flying geese, Bonilla is usually given the distinction of having taken the earliest photo of an "unidentified flying object," with some UFOlogical literature interpreting the photographs as either alien spacecraft or unsolved mystery.

On May 13th, 2004 Jaime Maussan released his interview of Mexican Air Force pilots showing an infrared video footage from a military air patrol on March 05th, 2004 against drug smuggling, that shows at least 11 very hot "spheres" moving irregularly with apparent great speed.

The objects could not be seen with the naked eye, neither the crew on board nor ground personal confirmed any radar contact with the objects in question.

The crew did however pick up an earlier radar contact of an object moving at 60 mph which was later described as a lonely truck on the highway below which has been located to the front of the two engine Merlin C26A aircraft whereas the infrared targets were picked up through a dome mounted IR-system a little later at abt. -130° azimuth relative to the aircraft's flight direction in its 8 o'clock position.

The lights have been explained as oil platform burn-off flares. Compare as well the analysis of Captain Alejandro Franz in July 2004.