UFO Footage During Police Helicopter Chase
California's Long Beach Police Department's Helicopter

UFO Footage During Police Helicopter Chase
California's Long Beach Police Department's Helicopter

Taken by California's Long Beach Police Department's helicopter, this UFO seems to be releasing a white glowing substance of some sort, as it sits there in the sky. Soon after, you will notice the craft take off at phenomenal speed as the police camera follows.

The craft speeds along the top edge of the clouds, until they lose track of it on the camera. The Craft was recorded by the Long Beach Police Department's FLIR camera system.

UNEXPLAINED video of a UFO captured by a police helicopter has baffled experts and become an internet hit.

The infrared footage shows a spherical object racing across the LA skyline.

The video also shows liquid pouring out of the rear of the mystery craft.The UFO was filmed by Long Beach Police on Christmas Day in 1994.

But no officer has ever commented on the eerie happening in California. The video has now been viewed more than 150,000 times on YouTube.

Former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope said: "It's weird and despite competing theories, it's unresolved." Sceptics say it's space debris burning up in the atmosphere, or a military flare on a parachute, with hot ash coming off it." Believers say it's an alien spacecraft releasing probes or some sort of liquid such as fuel.

Cops vs UFOs
Police Officers Encountering UFOs

"We will take a worldwide look at various encounters between police officers and UFOs, including cases in California, New Mexico and amazing cases in the UK.

1986 FLIR case – two Florida sheriff’s helicopter pilots flying at night pick up strange dumbbell object on their FLIR system (Front Looking Infra Red camera) – we interviewed the two pilots (for pilot) and have the film as well as comparison film from Corona PD on our own FLIR.

This has never been seen on television. Tie in with Long Beach, CA Police helicopter FLIR footage, strange glowing ball, shedding hot material.

UK – PC Gary Heseltine has list of police UFO sightings going back to 1901 – he is providing us with police witnesses to the most amazing cases, including a police constable abduction case and a mass sighting at Stonehenge.

Heseltine will be our expert guide in the UK.

1985, Seal Beach, CA SB officer James Sanders and his partner see an object landing near beach, they drive up to it see alien creatures outside craft – Sanders goes to call it in his partner stops him – no report.