UFO Hovers over Jerusalem Shrine
An Unknown Object was Seen over the Skies of Jerusalem

UFO Hovers over Jerusalem Shrine
An Unknown Object was Seen over the Skies of Jerusalem

Unknown objects have been showing up in the skies over Jerusalem. While some claim they are just hoaxes others are not convinced.

Multiple videos have been popping up on YouTube of different orbs pulsating and flashing in the skies and at some points taking off rapidly at an intense speed.

It is possible that people are being tricked by a hoaxer using laser lighting or possibly some type of projector emitting lights but some witnesses believe that we could be witnessing real UFOs.

One witnesses to the event claims "We've seen 'em in Mississippi like this."

Nick Pope (who used to run the British Government's UFO Project and is now recognized as one of the world's leading experts on UFOs) said “If these are real, they are some of the most incredible videos ever shot.”

“If they are not, then this is a very well-planned and co-ordinated hoax designed to eliminate elements of doubt

“The way it shoots up into the sky suggests it is unmanned, because no living thing could survive those kinds of G-forces.

“We know the Israeli army has some very high-tech drones at its disposal. If this is one, it is one of the most advanced pieces of technology created by man.”

The airspace which this unknown object was filmed is in an area which is forbidden for any type of aircraft to fly in.

Theories throughout the UFO community is that UFOs are monitoring certain areas that contain weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons.

The Israeli project, codenamed Project 700, included the construction of a missile field at Hirbat Zacharia, a site west of Jerusalem.

According to information regarding nuclear weapons within Israel, Israel is not a Party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to officially confirm or deny having a nuclear arsenal, or having developed nuclear weapons, or even having a nuclear weapons program.

Israel has pledged not to be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the region, but is also pursuing a policy of strategic ambiguity with regard to their possession.

This is sometimes called a policy of "nuclear opacity": Israel neither confirms nor denies that it possesses nuclear weapons, in what has been interpreted as an attempt to get the benefits of deterrence with a minimum political cost.

In the late 1960s, Israeli Ambassador to the US Yitzhak Rabin informed the United States State Department, that its understanding of "introducing" such weapons meant that they would be tested and publicly declared, while merely possessing the weapons did not constitute "introducing" them.

Israel claims that the Negev Nuclear Research Center near Dimona is a research center. However, there is extensive evidence Israel has nuclear weapons or a near-ready nuclear weapons capability.

Extensive information about the program in Dimona was also disclosed by technician Mordechai Vanunu in 1986.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Federation of American Scientists, Israel likely possesses around 75–200 weapons.

Imagery analysts can identify weapon bunkers, mobile missile launchers, and launch sites in satellite photographs.

Israel may have tested a nuclear weapon along with South Africa in 1979, but this has never been confirmed, and interpretation of the evidence is controversial


MSNBC.com reports on the Jerusalem UFO. Multiple videos online have been showing a strange bright light in the sky over Jerusalem. The light appears to hang in the skyline but then some energy burst of some kind projects the light at a rapid rate. Blinking red lights appear to be hovering in the sky above as well.

Two witnesses who happened to be at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel at 1am managed to film what might be one of the most interesting UFO clips ever captured.

The sighting took place on the morning of the 28th of January. The men notice the large ball shaped UFO suspended in the night sky and began to film.

At a little after one minute into the clip the UFO descends almost to ground level directly over the Temple Mount. The craft hovers there for a short while and then flickers and shoots upwards at an incredible speed, to the shock of the witnesses.

Proof the Jerusalem UFO was Real?
These are the official pictures from the Jerusalem weather camera during the events over the Dome of the Rock on 28th january 2011, at 01:00 AM.

Nevertheless, many are still calling this UFO sighting a hoax. Most media sources remain skeptical about the event, while others are jumping to an alien explanation right away.

The fact that this UFO was recorded by different cameras at different angles is partly what is giving skeptics are hard time about the event. While others believe it may have been a perfectly orchestrated hoax.

With video editing software that has more capabilities than ever before, some believe that the videos have been edited, while many believe the footage is too good to be true.

While it is true that many events have been hoaxed, it is good to keep an open mind about such incidents and make the decision for yourself.

As more and more individuals have been analyzing this video it would appear that most people and organizations have agreed that this video is a hoax.

The argument given was stated that
"the original Jerusalem UFO has now been definitely shown to be a hoax. Effects of the video processing software are clearly seen. The hoaxer used Motion Tile effects with edge mirroring to introduce camera shake into the video. You can see the mirroring effects along the edge of the video. This proves that the video did not go directly from the camera to YouTube, that it made a stop in between inside a sophisticated video editing software suite. Once you start editing it like that, a skilled hoaxer can put practically anything in it."

Even MUFON has dismissed this as a hoax, so it would appear that this case is closed.