Team of Experts in China Release ‘China UFO’ Findings
China UFO - Fake Videos and Photos and Real Military Missiles

Report from Tucson Citizen
Team of Experts in China Release ‘China UFO’ Findings (July 26th, 2010) - An MIT weapons analyst says this footage of an apparent UFO was likely doctored with photo editing software. Other photographs seen by the public were most likely faked as well. One photograph appeared to be a long-exposure of a helicopter.

The team of UFO experts in China have released their findings related to the event that shut down Xiaoshan Airport on July 7th.

UFO enthusiasts have hit out at the authenticity of this photo, saying it bears a striking similarity to long-exposure photographs taken of helicopters and experts agree.

No evidence shows that the UFO is associated with an extraterrestrial flying saucer, according to the Beijing UFO Research Organization (BURO) on July 25th. BURO believes that the UFO incident stemmed from the activities of private or military aircraft.

According to the information released from the report, the radar did not detect the UFO. The crews of two flights did. BURO noted that the airport radar has “blind spots.”

Aviation authorities have yet to publish any UFO photo or video information. It is stated that any videos or photos released by the media have no connection with the Xiaoshan incident.

The incident at Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan Airport earlier this month caused 20 flights to be diverted, with approximately 2,000 passengers affected. The airport was shut down for an hour.

Of course something may have happened that was 'not of this world' and that information will never be published to the public but it does appear that what was seen was a military missile of some type. It is possible that something else happened over the skies of the Chinese airport but chances are this whole incident was just a military event.