UFOs over Zurich, Switzerland
Glowing UFO Orbs

Glowing UFO Orbs - June 26th-27th, 2010
UFOs over Zurich, Switzerland - On the nights of June 26th-27th, 2010 I have seen these lights over Zurich. It was "flowing" around same place almost one hour (4:30am-5:30am), but later it was already without light. I have no idea what it is, but looks like it is not from our world.

A reporter from jungemedien-Hamburg.de calls in the middle of the night: "I think I've seen UFOs". Which are in triangular formation flying directly over my head. I just called the police and they told me this is the responsibility of NATO.

Do we want to publish it?

Editorial: Do you have photos taken?

Reporter: No, unfortunately not.

Editorial: Then forget it, it was determined that it was probably prohibited party balloons.

Lange (the reporter) has been thinking about it in the editorial office to publish anything about this incident. Although it could be found on YouTube videos that have been identified by our reporter as identical objects. However, it is difficult to distinguish between sky lanterns, which are banned since the beginning of the year in Hamburg and other parts of Germany.

Coincidentally, the identical objects (on Sunday June 27th 2010, was about 4 o'clock in the morning) but also sighted in Zurich - there you have it filmed.
Our reporter is, after initial doubts about the objects now certain: These are the same objects - and they were not sky lanterns! What was it?

Here is his report:
"It's Saturday the 26th June 2010. The evening is beautiful. It is warm and the sky shines even late at night or in bright blue. I walk at night eating ice cream on the Alster. It is 23:08 clock when I'm on my way home. An approximately fist-sized, orange object appears above my head. I find myself on Blumenau - corner of Richard Street. It disappears behind trees and houses.

I try to gain perspective, while I'm away from the houses on the street.
Behind the houses suddenly appear three orange, pulsating objects in triangle formation. The lights flicker and pulsate, as something that weakens - they seem to go out. Then suddenly the lights go on again, hovering over me in a triangular formation moving slowly right past me, towards Hamburg Alster.

I call the police: "Unidentified flying objects sighted" a friendly police officer tells me: "That is the responsibility of NATO
". Suddenly the lights go out, I follow now a dark football-shadow object that flies silently over the residential areas and for me I still see it as a black object across the dark blue sky.

"I press the shutter button on my cell phone camera" I think, finally, the orange objects then strutted down the catwalk in front of me.

Then suddenly these things become camouflaged and switch out their lighting.
I must be careful that I do not run into a tree or get run over by a car while I follow these black objects.

The truth is out there ... ..

Question: May I call the police, when I see such items?

Answer: Sky lanterns in Hamburg since the 01 February 2010 are prohibited. So if you see sky lanterns ("Kong Ming lanterns") or similar objects in the sky, you must inform the police about it because you are a witness of a crime. Sky lanterns in Hamburg may not fly, they can cause summer fires.

So call the police and say for example: I see three sky lanterns in the sky and because these things are prohibited and can cause fires I am informing you.
The police then must patrol the area to investigate the incident.

Save your video and photo material of the objects.
If you believe you have spotted something unusual, you can publish these photos and videos, for example, on YouTube, search for additional witnesses and send the material back to your newspaper.

In our view, it is possible that three sky lanterns from Hamburg to Zurich where in the sky but highly unlikely. If it was not sky lanterns, then what flew over the head of the reporter?