The Bob White Case
Alleged Object that was Dislodged from a UFO

Bob White Case
Alleged Object that was Dislodged from a UFO

"The Bob White object" a tear drop shaped object recovered by Bob White. It is alleged that this object was dislodged from a UFO.

The object is 7 1/2 inches long, has a coarse, metallic exterior and weighs less than 2 pounds. Multiple reports indicate the object is an alloy of unknown origin.

Investigating so-called "trace cases", the team studies supposed physical evidence left behind after various UFO sightings, from a strange glass-like rock found in Poland, to an odd piece of metal a Missouri man claims to have found after it was dropped from a UFO.

The object in question looks more like a silver fossil seed pod cone shape, with a snake scale pattern made of a solid metal.

This object was metallurgically tested with NID, isotope abundance test, and other elements and chemical test; involving nuclear physicists, advance material metallurgist, maser/laser scientists and etch....from renown New Mexico Tech, MIT and other highly qualified institutes (about 8 labs known).

All the basic test alone have common conclusions of 22 elements found which is an anomaly and the fact of its uncontrolled cooling property of it's material is also an anomaly (not mentioned in the documentary).

Over the years debunkers are convince that it is man-made, being 360 Aluminum.

But this alloy does not contain elements other than aluminum, silicon, etch and still missing 20 plus other elements/chemicals, too many differences in chemical make-up. 

Another claim by debunkers is that its found in nature (base on its looks) as a geothermal aluminum which any geologist and metallurgist will tell you is impossible for aluminum base alloy (including silver to make a super conductive metal).

Therefore a far way too precise mix of other elements including beta gamma neutron radiation it emits that is not found normally in the human environment to be natural occurring.

The alleged 'Alien Artifact' is still yet not been able to be replicated successfully in mixing closer to this object elements or any where near in manufacturing the object and recreating the properties of its capabilities. Hence this would involve a more advance metal casting technique than what is available today (let alone 1985).

“What I saw,” White said, “was not of this earth.” As the craft flew away, White said, he noticed an orange light falling to the ground. A locator probe? Something that simply broke off?

It was red hot when he reached it, he said, but in time it cooled enough to pick up. White shoved the object into the trunk of the car, and he and his friend headed off to the nearest all-night diner.

Robert Lee (“Bob”) White died at 6:55 am November 16th, 2009, from heart-related problems and from injuries suffered in a recent one-car accident. Bob was born March 26th, 1931 in Jackson County, MO into a family of eight.

In 1985, Bob’s life changed forever. While traveling from Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV, Bob and his companion had a UFO encounter near the Colorado-Utah border where he recovered a metallic “object” he said fell from the UFO.

Since he was an active entertainer, he didn’t tell anyone his UFO story until after his retirement in 1996.

Bob was referred to the National Institute of Discovery Science (N.I.D.S.) by the UFO organization MUFON’s researcher Dr. John Carpenter after attending a UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, AR.

In 1996, Bob sent a piece of his UFO “object” to N.I.D.S. who hired the lab at New Mexico Tech to conduct a metallurgical analysis. The scope of this analysis was limited, as explained to Bob by the New Mexico Tech scientist following its completion. Cosgrove-Meurer Inc., producers of the popular 1990s television show “Unsolved Mysteries”, flew Bob to the Los Alamos National Laboratory in late 1996 for more testing of Bob’s object.

This analysis is controversial because Bob claimed that one of the scientists told Bob his UFO object was extraterrestrial and that Los Alamos kept a piece of his object. Differences in the Los Alamos and New Mexico Tech analyses prompted additional scientific testing in the late 1990s.

Bob White made a sworn statement about the events of his UFO encounter and passed a conclusive polygraph test given by a police polygrapher in 1998. In 2000, Bob was invited to present his story to the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Wyoming.

He was made aware of a recently-declassified Top Secret Army document that appeared to show an object identical to Bob’s in a 1940s Counter Intelligence Corps file named “Flying Saucer from Denmark”.

Bob received media recognition from newspapers, paranormal radio shows, and national entertainment news shows.

In September, 2000, Bob and his partner Larry Cekander opened the Museum of the Unexplained in Reeds Spring, MO with Bob as its director.

The Museum and Bob were featured in nationwide media following Bob’s announcement that he would sell his UFO object for $10,000,000.
Bob and the Museum research team continued to perform tests on Bob’s UFO object and found that the object exposed dental x-ray film and was emitting an electro-magnetic field.

An announcement was made in 2003 that isotope abundance ratio tests for the element strontium fell within the range of two established Martian meteorites.

The Alien Artifact

In 2004, Bob’s story was the season opener for the UK television show “Jane Goldman Investigates”. The show hired a polygraph operator who was a member of the Grand Junction police department to administer another battery of polygraph tests and detected no deception by Bob.

Bob and his team of researchers have revisited the area of Bob’s UFO encounter several times and have produced a book and DVD documentary of Bob’s experiences.

The 2005 History Channel program “UFO Hunters” opened with a recreation of Bob’s encounter and a focus on the Army documents and Bob’s visit inside the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This was the first time the documents and video inside Los Alamos was aired on national television.

Tests performed in 2007 showed Bob’s object emitted low level gamma rays and neutrons. Bob’s story was covered in greater depth in a 2008 episode of “UFO Hunters”. Two scientists came forward and described the unique qualities of Bob’s UFO object, and footage of the object’s strange behavior in Laughlin, NV was shown.

The research team plans to carry on the research into the origin of Bob’s UFO object in Bob’s memory. They promised Bob before he died that they would continue the search for the truth. Bob is survived by his wife Dixie at home, and by his son Mark in California.

Larry Cekander along with the Museum of the Unexplained anomalies research group will continue the research started by Bob White in 1996 concerning the origin of the Bob White Object and the very possible et/ebe origin of the object. Bob White was one of the few in Ufology who was dedicated to finding the truth of what he recovered in 1985 in Colorado from his UFO encounter.