UFO Filmed by Astronaut - STS-120
Strange Object Seen by Astronauts

New NASA Footage STS-120
UFO Filmed by Astronaut - Strange object seen by NASA astronauts during the STS-120 Mission.

This footage was taken by an astronaut using a hand-held camera on mission STS-120 as he was filming a fuel tank which just separated when he realizes there is a strange object near the fuel tank so he decides to focus on the strange object instead.

There has been other footage similar to this but this is some of the clearest footage yet. It is possible we could be witnessing
frozen liquid that leaked somehow out of the fuel tank which created a strange pattern as it fell towards the earth.

UFO Filmed by Astronaut
N.A.S.A. STS-120 Space Shuttle Discovery
Original U.F.O. Footage October 23rd, - November 7th, 2007 

STS-120 was the 23rd shuttle mission to the International Space Station, and launched an Italian-built U.S. multi-port module for the station.

At the time of the Columbia disaster, STS-120 was scheduled for early 2004. It was delayed repeatedly until October 23rd, 2007.

NASA originally scheduled the launch for October 20th, 2007, but due to the International Space Station program requirement, launch was delayed to October 23rd, 2007.

In light of the small gouge to the underside of Endeavour that occurred on STS-118, in August 2007, NASA managers announced that they expected to add a fifth spacewalk to the STS-120 mission, designed to test a heat-shield repair tool. The repair technique was originally scheduled for a flight in 2008, but following STS-118, it was decided to move up the testing.

The repair tool, called a TPS (thermal protection system) repair ablator dispenser (T-RAD), has never been tested in space, so the spacewalk would have allowed managers to evaluate its effectiveness in low gravity environments.

During the course of the mission, issues with the S4 starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ), and P6 Solar Array, deferred this test objective to a future mission.

What was witnessed by the NASA astronauts during their mission is undetermined although an explanation is that it could be some type of frozen liquid that leaked out of the fuel tank in turn creating a strange pattern as it fell towards Earth. Either way, it is a strange object that was seen by astronauts and it is classified as a UFO.